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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator


Leave it to the religious right to take complete opposites and equate them with each other. Faith prevails in the face of reason, I suppose.

The front page story on the ODE yesterday, which almost turned me on with its Xs and silhouetted man and woman, continues the long debate about pornography. Featured in the article was Pastor Sean McCartin. Regardless of his opinions, I must say that his name is quite excellent.

However, that’s where my praise for him ends. Sean starts off with bullshit: “Pornography offers sex without commitment.” Uhh…what? If porn is sex without commitment, then instead of going out to parties and looking for ‘drunk bitches’ I would be at home watching porn every Friday night.
Sure, you could consider masturbation sex without commitment, but commitment means having expectations of each other in a relationship. I definitely have expectations for Jin Junior, and he definitely has some for me (i.e. keep pumping blood into me).
If I was able to get sex without commitment, I wouldn’t be watching porn, now would I?

McCartin then goes on to talk about a ‘person’s risk-free relationship with porn”. Sure, it’s risk-free. So is my relationship with my backpack and my keyboard. What does he even hope to point out by this?

As a final note (I didn’t finish reading the article because Frathouse Fuckfest 2 was on HBO) I had a thought. With two incidents of public masturbation being reported in the library in the last few months, I know for a fact that Library Admin has been discussing the issue of allowing porn to be viewed in the library. On one hand, porn is legal. On another, it has been causing unrest and disgust in the library.
The thought of jacking off in the library is gross and embarassing. The only people that would be willing to do such a thing either have no sense of shame and embarassment, or have an ulterior motive and are truly focused on such. What if these library wankers are not perverts and horny hobos, but actually agents of the religious right? It makes complete sense! In their war against porn, they have repeatedly lost to the power of our great nation’s freedoms. Their traditional tactics and strategies have failed, and so they are resorting to new gimmicks to shock the American public into rejecting and restricting porn.

  1. Miles says:

    I’ll throw in my lot here, as I do work at the library.

    I believe the privacy screens that are talked about are found, but they are not numerous. I know that actual public libraries outside of the university have them, but the U of O doesn’t install them, presumably due to the fact that they get broken or stolen.

    However, they are available.

  2. T says:

    It’s perfectly legal to view pornography in a public library, I believe. Masturbation in the library, not so legal. You should ask the library people about this, ’cause I think they have these nifty “privacy” screens that they give to some people who are viewing porn.

  3. Mike says:

    So just what is wrong with “sex without commitment”? We are talking about the pornography/masturbation variety of sex here of course. And what is wrong with “a person’s risk free relationship with porn”? Isn’t that better than RISKY sex (visiting the whores, promiscuity or screwing without condoms?) I’m 66 and I’ve been viewing porn and jacking off since I was 12 and I ain’t blind or crazy yet! I haven’t help produce any unwanted children that I know of either and so far I’ve never contacted an STD. Bad relationships, a couple of failed marriages in my younger years? Yup I plead guilty there but with age hopefully comes a little wisdom. Looking back on those relationships, I should have stayed home, looked at porn and jacked off! I rest my case!

    Agreed that libraries are no place to jack off! There is a time to whip it out and a time to keep it zipped dudes! Civility at all times…even though that seems to be an obselete concept in modern day Bush-land! Cheers!

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