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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Like Deb Frisch? You’ll Love This…

Sometimes reality is so insane that simply reporting facts makes you complicit in the lunacy. Some events are so unbelieveable that even a picture won’t suffice. Sometimes, the only way to really understand something is through comics. With that, I’m proud to present “Deb and Jeb’s Goodtime Revival Throwdown.”

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  1. Freddybear says:

    Not to be rude or anything, but who put the unscaled thumbnails on the page?

    Ten minutes on my ridiculous dialup and it’s still crawling along.

  2. Largenfirm says:


    No problem, I’m Kirk Hays, aka Largenfirm, one of the folks Deb has been stalking since last Summer.

    She’s libeled me online, and I have been taking over her former blogs as they get swatted down by the legal system.

    Start here for the whole story.

    Kirk Hays

  3. Sean says:

    I just emailed Shankha.

    Sorry to be rude, but who are you, Kirk?

  4. largenfirm says:

    Deb, with a web-crawler?

    She’s not that bright. However, if someone visits her site after visiting your site, it leaves a trail that she knows how to look at.

    You may want to talk with campus security, and Dr. Chakraborty, whom she claims to have emailed, asking for your name. She already has your picture.

    This woman is a convicted stalker, on probation, and close to you – you should take this seriously.


  5. George W. Bush says:

    My name is George W. Bush, and I approve of this message.

  6. S. Weasel says:

    Oh, god. I hate myself for loving that.

  7. Fr Frenulum says:

    How do we know we have free will and God isn

  8. Brights-B-Scared? says:

    “I was also one of the only people who tried to challenge Jed by aking him REAL philosophical questions”

    I am sure you are proud to have teh Deb as one of your peeps…

    But anyway, why are are you proud of asking a dummie “philosophical” questions? Why not grow a set and actually ask a Christian philosopher some of your questions? Are you scardy-scared of the answers? Are you, pussycat?

  9. […] Via Ace: it’s a nutjob CLASH OF THE TITANS! […]

  10. Timothy says:

    I think Deb is more an icon for herself than anyone else. She’s a kook, but I think her only cause is being crazy, wouldn’t take her as anything other than a nice counterpoint to Szasz.

  11. Metronil says:

    Deb Frisch…icon of the leftists, liberals and lesbians.

    She represents her cause well.

  12. Sean says:

    She found me on my personal blog. Instead of trolling conservative blogs, I think she just has a webcrawler set up to find whenever her name is mentioned. That self-centered crazy…

  13. Vincent. says:

    Deb Frisch came into one of my ex-places of work shortly after the whole Goldstein stalking case. I almost started laughing when I saw the name on her credit card.

    I think she bought some crappy Manu Chao CD or something.

    And that’s my interesting little story.

  14. Sean says:

    Oh, that’s easy…
    “I hate homos, but I love the lord”
    “Excuse me sir, but I am a Lesbian…a LESBIAN!!!! KUMBAYAAAA MY LORD, KUMBAYAAAAAA”
    “Ma’am, please leave the premises.”

  15. a different Alex says:

    absofuckinglutely brilliant. Any idea where one could find a rough transcription of the dialogue being exchanged?

  16. Minteh says:

    Any chance Public Safety might have an official record of this in
    their Incidents Reports?

  17. T says:

    Man, one of the best things on the blog in a long time. Good stuff.

  18. Oh wait I meant LAST last year, meetings were on wednesdays then, and I was still doing the same thing this year and i guess i just assumed they were on the same day >.

  19. Andy says:

    Hrm, maybe you could write for the independent commentator too…

  20. Miles says:

    Commentator meetings were on Tuesday night…>_>

  21. Thats precisely what I like about Heinlein though. He’s an AUTHOR, not a politician, so he’s not tied to a party (viewpoint), not expected to hold a consistent opinion his whole life (character development, just like IN said books) and I think that for an author to write about and from many different political viewpoints shows their versatility.. I really like that too, because i consider myself openmindend, so I enjoy being able to see different viewpoints on life; IMHO in my life, exposure to these and multiple other viewpoints (presented pretty fairly) is what led to me feel so secure and strongly about my OWN personal views.

  22. Sean says:

    Robert Heinlein is a flipflopper. He’s written books to appease all sides of political thought, which, in my opinion, is fine. However, I’m more inclined to like Heinlein’s ideas in Starship Troopers than Rational Anarchism. So if you mention Heinlein and his political theories, it could be literally ANYTHING.

    Here’s another quote from Heinlein: “To permit irresponsible authority is to sow disaster; to hold a man responsible for anything he does not control is to behave with blind idiocy.”

  23. I was actually thinking about trying to join the OC staff at the beginning of this year, but I had other things going on that kept me busy (especially on wednesday night, same time as your meetings).
    I’m probably going to go through with it, as I find the idea of working for a libertarian-slanted publication very interesting. I, myself am VERY liberal, but am drawn to (my interpretation) of libertarianism, which has a great emphasis on personal responsibility. I’m an atheist (whose morals and metaphysical views are strongly affected by Tibetan Buddhism), so I believe that with no ‘god’, although there is no ‘ultimate judge’ to pass judgment over use, we all are still accountable for our own actions. As far as sociopolitical views go, I’m really close to the concept of rational anarchism* that Robert Heinlein coined.
    Oh shit. That’s an idea that has some potential, to write an article explaining how Libertarianism fits in with my ultraliberal views.. I could also write a short companion piece: “A Chronicle of Personal Political Theory, in Literature”. I think it would be REALLY interesting if I was able to put this piece in the OC as well (maybe in the same month), just to gauge people’s reactions and biases about the different student-run rags on campus.

    *Here’s a quote from one of his books
    A rational anarchist believes that concepts such as

  24. Timothy says:

    The Commentator has a column called “Another Perspective” which might serve you better, Alex.

  25. Cirrus says:

    Once again, and again, and again, we see Frisch being rude and stupid. She’s so warped she probably thinks they were applauding for a curtain call. My sympathies for those of you in Eugene, but thank goodness she’s out of Arizona. We have enough reptiles and arachnids here.

  26. niedermeyer (DRUUUUNK) says:

    don’t. seriously. you need to not write for the insurgent. Drunkly. Dont.

  27. Alex says:

    Yeah, I know people are going to not pay attention to my writing if it’s in the Insurgent, that’s why I want it to be really well-written. Toss around “aiding the enemy” all you want, but I don’t think it’s a bad goal to bring some GOOD journalism and well written articles to ANY campus publication. Plus, I am always looking for an opportunity to be a better writer, and I can be pretty outspoken at times, so I jump at a chance to put my voice in print. I’m also starting to write rhymes (Yes, I know it may be cheesy), so if I come up with something particularly timely or interesting, I’ll ask that they put it in there too

  28. Fatwa Arbuckle says:


  29. niedermeyer (drunk mode) says:

    oh, and friends don’t let friends write for the insurgent!

  30. niedermeyer (drunk mode) says:

    the faces in the crowd are an awesome combo of shame, dismay, confusion and loss of faith in the human race. Epic stuff. Glad you all like, perhaps when I have the time I’ll make the pix public. Or, maybe I’ll check out Deb at the Wayne Morse Free Speech Mic. Maybe we can get some pix of her spitting on the flag.. I hear that’s the money shot.


    Ted (drunk)

  31. Rabbit says:

    Congrats to all for teh phunee funnie!

    Once again, Dweebie’s comedy comes from the people around her.
    In all of the pictures, the crowd never cracks a smile.
    The grins and applause arrive along with the security guy tossing her out!

    Great Work!

  32. Sinner says:

    This is the single most concentrated “teh awesome” I have ever seen.

    Just how sad it that?

  33. Danimal says:

    “As long as it

  34. Sean says:

    Oh yeah…Alex, this is in regards to your first comment, talking about writing for the Insurgent. As a friend, I feel it is my responsibility to first say that you should do what you want to, and if you feel like someone that should be writing for the Insurgent, go for it.

    That being said, keep in mind that regardless of what you write and what your personal opinions are, you will be associated with the stigma behind the publication you write for. I had to consider the possibility that I would be viewed as just another conservative Republican when I was thinking about writing for the Oregon Commentator. Likewise, if you choose to write for the Insurgent, you will be viewed as an ultra-liberal left-wing wingnut.
    And also keep in mind that under the banner of the Insurgent, no one will take you seriously. Except maybe the prisoners.
    One last note: your friend Cims is naturally going to try to recruit people to write for the Insurgent. It appeals to the human desire to be heard and listen to, and it raises their numbers. Just remember that there is a reason they call themselves the ‘Collective’. “Resistance is Futile. You will be assimilated.”

  35. Minteh says:

    *Had* to link to u guyz!

    Made clickable by your friendly neighborhood admin. Learn to use the href tag guys, it’ll keep our sidebar looking nice.

  36. Minteh says:

    As editor of “Teh Daily Squeak,” I’d love an exclusive crack at one of
    these pics (or three) 😉

    And I wholeheartedly second my brother, Fatwa’s, enthusiasm!


  37. Fatwa Arbuckle says:

    “I apologize about the lack of debonics/gerbils, but then again, we have almost 120 of these photos, so

  38. Niedermeyer says:

    Thank you, thank you.

    Let this be a lesson to the kids… always carry a camera!

    I apologize about the lack of debonics/gerbils, but then again, we have almost 120 of these photos, so…

  39. Fatwa Arbuckle says:


    *Clap clap clap clap clap*

    Since I’ve only read Little Miss Debbie’s

  40. Minteh says:

    Impressive. Most impressive!

    Hats off!

  41. Largenfirm says:

    I’ve update my blog with a pointer to this amazing documentary of “Former Adjunct Professors in the Mist”.

    This is great anthropology, guys!

    Thanks, and Kindest Regards,

  42. Alex says:

    Right now I’m actually thinking about writing a piece on music.. I don’t know, maybe something FUN like “Rebellion in Music: the past 25 years”. I have a really unique (and hopefully diverse) taste in music, so it would be interesting.. More than just a simple list though, not sure on any solid ideas.

  43. Miles says:

    To quote the father from “Back to the Future”: “She’s an idiot. Comes from upbringing. Parents are probably idiots too.”

  44. OhNoes says:

    Looking at the pictures…her movement seems to include a lot of really awkward poses – is she afflicted in some manner, or just graceless?

    Oh, wait, was it maybe some of her ‘celebrated’ comedy? Physical comedy is fairly difficult to pull off, especially for the humor impaired.

  45. Sulla says:

    Dang, that’s some hickory smoked, dry-aged Crazy right there.

    I kept waiting for Marlin Perkins to whisper, “It seems the Frisch has spotted the photographer. Jim’s in trouble now! And now for a word from Mutual of Omaha…”

  46. CJ Ciaramella says:

    Or you could write about the irony of an anarchist collective attending a state university.

    If you’re a militant atheist, though, why not just write an anti-religion piece? The Insurgent eats that shit up like candy, and I hear they do some pretty nifty artwork on the subject as well …

  47. Timothy says:

    They do not have an in-charge, they have a collective.

    You should write it about Richard Dawkins, and how unbelievably pretentious calling oneself a “Bright” is.

    EDIT: I maybe wouldn’t have done that as a way to not give Deb attention, but I’ve gotta say it’s ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS.

  48. Alex says:

    By the way, I was the guy (along with my roommate) passing out flyers for, and the UO Atheist / Bright Movement (look it up on facecrap).. I was also one of the only people who tried to challenge Jed by aking him REAL philosophical questions, like “How do we know we have free will and God isn’t just planting the illusion of free will inside our brains, manipulating us but we don’t know it?”
    On another note, I have a dilemma.
    I’m a loyal reader of the OC, I almost never read the ODE or insurgent, and very rarely pick up an Oregon Voice, but a friend told me I should write an article for the Insurgent! (He’s Cims, the guy who is almost always in the Survival Center or outside in the Amphitheater)
    What should I write about? As long as it’s not too crazy of a topic, I can probably get it printed, cause cims is working on the issue over the summer , and i think he’s in charge of it.

  49. Sean says:


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