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Don’t Tase Me, Bro 2: EPD Bugaloo

Hot on the heels of a severe and unwarranted electrocution at the University of Florida, the City of Eugene has decided to give those who serve and protect some cattle prods Tasers. Prompted by the shooting death of a mentally ill teen late last year, the committee has taken all of ten months to decide that giving police one more weapon to use against drunken college students is the right solution. I might have fired the officers involved, maybe tried to have them arrested for murder, and considered taking away options for force rather than granting more, just a thought. It’s nice they have another committee studying mental illness intervention, but wouldn’t proper intervention technique obviate the need for Tasers which will inevitably get misused?

Most disturbing, however, is that the EPD will be in charge of evaluating the success of the pilot program:

Although the policy has been written, the work is not over for this committee. It will need to shape the evaluation process and decide how police will determine the success or failure of the pilot project.

Brown stressed the policy was designed just for the pilot project.

“The Police Commission will take the data and community reaction and input and then decide whether Tasers are going to be a permanent part of the police arsenal,” he said.

So they’re going to buy a bunch of Tasers, give them to the police, and let the police decide how well the community reacts…hmmm…does anyone else see a potential problem with that approach? No conflict of interest there or anything, move along.

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  2. Vincent. says:

    I dunno, man. My brother just got into the police academy (he’s going to be up in Gresham, not Eugene), and were he to be given the option of being able to use a taser to defend himself or subdue someone instead of resorting to a firearm… well, I guess it’s hard for me to see harm in that.

    There will, of course, be abuses, problems, and plain old fuck ups. But there are abuses, problems, and plain old fuck ups with firearms, too. At least with tasers, the results of said fuck ups isn’t necessarily as deadly. If officers can be trained to only draw their firearm as a last resort — and let’s be fair, for the most part, they do — then they can be trained to treat a taser in the same way.

  3. tex says:

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