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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Our forefather were Satanists? Holy crap!

If you are bored, and I mean really bored, check out the “true” makings of America at this link. Who would have guessed that there are over 20 complete zodiacs in Washington D.C.?

Historians recognize that the beginning of the new independent Republic occurred on July 4, 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was publicly issued. We already know that the timing of this declaration was carefully calculated according to Satanic doctrine. July 4 is exactly the 66th day following the beginning of the Satanic High Holy period called Beltane, which begins on April 30. In this calculation, April 30 is counted as ‘Day 1’.

The number ’66’ is the occult number for the Perfect Government of the Perfect Man, who is represented by the number ‘666’. Therefore, by waiting for the 66th day following Beltane to establish the United States of America, our Masonic forefathers were telling fellow Adepts throughout the world and through time, that America was going to be the New Atlantis, the forerunner of the perfect global government of Antichrist.

  1. Miles says:

    And yes, with the stroke of a pen, America can be gone in an instant…dissolved into a North American Union.

    Betcha the Masons didn’t think of that one.

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