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Graf got a job! O’Toole nails Portland


Portland has been regarded by many as an example of what a clean and green city should be. But some are opposing this belief. OC alum Tyler Graf wrote an article for Portland’s Daily Journal of Commerce (we can’t believe someone hired him either) highlighting the criticism of Cato Institute bigwig Randal O’Toole:

“What I see is a sorting of the population,” O’Toole said from a Cato Institute-sponsored conference. “Higher educated people live in the city, while less educated, less well-off people are pushed to the suburbs.” According to O’Toole, this marginalizes suburbs and exports crime to peripheral neighborhoods.

O’Toole recently published a second critique of Portland’s public transportation in the Hawaii reporter, where he tells what Portland representative Debbie Bischoff omitted from the Portland story when she spoke to the Honolulu City Council.


Bischoff told the city council that many developments have been built near Portland’s rail lines. What she did not mention is that not a single transit-oriented development was built in the 10 years after Portland’s first light-rail line opened. Developers told the Portland city council there was no market for such developments.

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