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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Harbaugh Harasses Honchos… Again

Economics professor Bill Harbaugh has struck again in his hundred-year war on UO Administrator chicanery, an effort which has become the University of Oregon’s answer to those endless Family Guy chicken fights. His target this time is the Administrations pointwoman on all things douchy, University General Counsel Melinda Grier. According to the ‘Ol Dirty, the Oregon Department of Justice is looking into Harbaugh’s claims that Grier delayed the release of public records and made false statements about the new basketball arena, and the Underrepresented Minority Recruitment Plan. Although this is not an official investigation, the “inquiry” originated at the desk of AG Hardy Myers, apparently within hours of this hard-hitting blog post going up over at OregonLive… even though Harbaugh raised the allegations to the DOJ back in January .

It only takes one look at how Grier “handled” Harbaugh in the past to understand why these allegations have been raised, and to believe that there is probably something to them. I know that when I was working on a lengthy story about the Rec Center finances last year, and made multiple requests for information from Griers office, I was completely ignored by phone, email and in person. Harbaugh isn’t commenting on these current allegations for the moment, citing legal concerns, but you can always learn more about the Administrations resident thorn-in-the-side by reading our coverage of last years ethics charges against Frohnmayer and Harbaugh’s concerns about the UMRP… or better yet check out his own faculty site and alternative diversity plan. Keep up the good work Bill, and Phil Knight might just buy you that Alouette to keep you quiet!

  1. Sakaki says:

    O_o…for what purpose would the Commentator have for purchasing a Eurocopter? If they were to go anywhere, they’d be buying a Bell 427 with certain modifications that allowed for the punching of hippies from 1/2 mile away.

  2. Dear Commentators:

    The IRS has received notice that you are soliciting donations to buy an Aerospatiale Allouette (or perhaps the higher altitude rated Lama SA315B) helicopter.

    Such activities violate your tax-exempt status, and I order you to desist forthwith.

    Linda E. Stiff
    IRS Commisioner,,id=98192,00.html

  3. Timothy says:

    Bill Harbaugh is the best voice for accountability the UO has seen, outside of this fine publication, in a long time. Good show.

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