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SI on Dennis Dixon’s Rapid Recovery

A must-read for Ducks football fans (and anyone who wonders how well injured players are treated at Oregon):

Because he wanted to travel with the team, Dixon didn’t have surgery until Dec. 15. Two days later he was walking without crutches. After five days he was riding a bike. In two weeks he was throwing, and a month after that, he was running. Day after day, as Dixon lay on a massage table in the training center, Terrell tested the knee’s range of motion and Dixon watched the myriad televisions tuned to ESPN. The draftniks didn’t mention him as they talked about other quarterbacks — Matt Ryan, Brian Brohm, Chad Henne — whom he had outplayed for 2 1/2 months.

Agent pitches to potential draftees are often superficial, all about dropping names and promises. Jeff Sperbeck of Octagon went to Dixon in early January with a concrete proposal. He wanted to turn Dixon’s dormant Heisman website into a platform to broadcast his rehab. The site would rebuild Dixon’s image as trainers rebuilt his knee. He wouldn’t be ready to work out in February at the NFL combine or in March on Oregon’s pro day, but the Internet could help persuade skeptical NFL general managers that Dixon was still worth drafting.

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