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Mad Scientist to Lecture Tomorrow

Natalie Jeremijenko will hold a lecture tomorrow, April 17, at 7 p.m. in 177 Lawrence Hall. Jeremijenko is a conceptual artist with a background in, among other things physics, neuroscience, biochemistry and precision engineering. Her most well known work, done with the Bureau of Inverse Technology, was the Suicide Box, a motion-activated camera that documented suicides on the Golden Gate Bridge. The BIT later took the data on suicide trends and indexed it against the Dow Jones Industrial Average to create the Despondency Index. Probably the most interesting of her projects, though, has been One Trees.

Lately, Jeremijenko has been working on placing buoys in the Hudson River that light up when fish swim through them. This should be an interesting lecture to say the least. For further reading, Salon has a big ‘ol feature on Jeremijenko.

  1. Sean Jin says:

    She seems brilliant. Right up your alley, CJ!

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