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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator


The double feature you’ve been waiting for all year is finally here. 32 pages of Hate + 16 pages of Hack Attack = the apocalypse – if not that, at least one uproarious read. Enjoy.

  1. human nature says:

    “Cocaine is expensive; go for addorall.”

    Haha, too true.

  2. Michelle Haley says:

    Most PDF viewing programs will let you rotate the image by 90 degree intervals, anyway.

  3. Meghann says:

    Ah I see. Good thing I have access to a free printer..

  4. T says:

    The upside down pages are on purpose, I believe (to set the Hate portion aside from the Hack Attack portion). The same technique was used a long time ago on another double issue.

  5. Meghann says:

    Good read, ‘cept the last few pages are upside down in the PDF. At least for me they were…

  6. Gully Sucks says:

    Hamilton is da bomb

  7. former pfc insider says:

    Bring Hamilton back!

  8. Mwalsh says:

    Fucking great issue, and Oregon is still waayyy better than California!

  9. concourt says:

    i wish those stupid o-realized requests would have been rejected by the court. fuck! my money. diego ss!!

  10. orwellduk says:

    Also the sissification of the fixed gear bike scene(used to have one although it was technically “freewheel” style one speed cannondale contraption)should be addressed with Hate crimes legislation. Good call…..who is behind the new looks Pee wee herman? And have you noticed they all have this one trick the super long sliding skid? Big fucking deal. Storm drain wishes to them.

  11. orwellduk says:

    I will certainly agree with the McLain point there. Politically she is a frightening figure-so pretty but with the spin power of a well trained serpent(definite governors office/U.N.material). Or what about the CIA ? Her future looks bright. I like Gulley. When I needed the assuowe meetings to slow down a bit to give legal due notice on arenagate spiraling and Frohnmulching he helped me shut up the goons who are all willing to squak constantly so the real issues will stay hidden from view. Gulley also was the only one I heard at those senate meetings ever saying lets look closely at the details of the arena. Sure I do not agree with all of his antics but lets face it-Gulley has questioned the arena at least as much as your entire mag. (That being said I did appreciate immensely the in-depth interview with Harbaugh from some time ago.The guy is brilliant and is clearly the real leader ship at UO. Gulley may have not gotten the answers but that is not the point. A senate of a flock of Gulleys would have devoured that fucking project like a rabid pack of genetically modified seagulls-I can tell you that for sure. And that also would have taken some guts. The new ASUO exec.s show promise and they seem to hate OSPIGG. This means they are serious about leadership and real discussions not algorian propaganda and groupthink. Good luck to them lets get them the all the rapidly morphing Frohnfacts on the arena and smackdown the insidious rotting legacy goose egg once and for all.Sponsor the Sudsy’s enhanced Mac 2 design contest immediately -this is a thermonuclear idea war you hippies. Back to the front!

  12. Cheerio says:

    Any serious person aspiring a position of leadership should distance themselves from the Emily McLain / Nate Gulley gang.

  13. tham says:

    great issue. turned out amazing

  14. Ossie says:

    Glenwood is the taint between the genitalia that is Eugene and the asshole that is Springfield.

    I give this the “Statement of the Year” award.

  15. Jake says:

    This issue makes me giddy

  16. Michelle Haley says:

    I can’t get over how amazing the art in both issues turned out.

  17. Kinkaid says:

    Great issue — especially the “I hate Athan…” – it really exposes the stupidity of McLain’s crowd.

    Also, you mispelled Adderall in the issue. It’s not “Adderrol” but Adderall.

  18. Sakaki says:

    I think there may be a way to lobby for that.

    That, otherwise there will be my minions who will do whatever is possible to give a massive increase to the Commentator, and a severe reduction to the Insurgent.

    Don Goldman, may you rot in hell in 2009.

  19. Guerra Sucks says:

    Truely a masterpiece. Front to Back the best piece of media to come out of this school all year. You guys should be a contract…

  20. Timothy says:

    Dudes, that cover is something else.

  21. Vincent says:

    I want to say that the “Dirty Swede” should be commended for painting a fucking great cover.

  22. Kai Davis says:


    Its a good thing we both have +3 against sarcasm and satire! Anything less than that and we’d be lying on the ground, giggling.

    Its a great job and we love it. It feels nice to be included in the hate issue after only two printings.

    Also, we’re handing out issue #3 on Tuesday and forgot about page 1! You saved us!

  23. Ossie says:

    Kai: As I was laying out the Enema page, I thought about how it was a satire on a satire and my head almost popped off.

  24. Kai Davis says:

    Best issue yet!

  25. Andy says:


  26. Kai Davis says:

    Totally excited for the hate-tip!

  27. Michelle Haley says:

    Thank you!

  28. Ossie says:

    It is on there now, quitcherbitchin.

  29. Michelle Haley says:

    I want to be on the Masthead damnit.

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