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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

We’re All the Rag(e) These Days!

Sometimes, the Commentator gets mail. Often, it’s pissy. Occasionally, it’s funny. Other times — like today — it’s just plain bizarre. Jump below the fold to see what I found in our mailbox when I came to the office this afternoon.

A nice gift from the Women’s Center.

Thanks ladies! Unfortunately, it’s not my brand (I don’t like the “unscented” ones), but I’ll ask around at our staff meeting this evening and see if anyone’s having a “not so fresh”  day.

We also got a leaflet cordially inviting us to “a Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Dedication of Eugene’s Civic Stadium” on Wednesday, October 22 at 5pm. “Hey adaptive reversers!” was scrawled on the top. I suspect Zach Vishanoff is behind this.

  1. Chazsticle says:

    No joke those things are great after you use your nose to try and break some guy’s fist. I like to sport one in each nostril.

  2. GrumpyGramps says:

    It is hunting season and tampons have been my first choice for swabbing out shotgun bores since I was a boy! I want to thank the women’s center for supporting a clean and fresh 2nd ammendment!

  3. Vincent says:


    I was going to censure you for your complete inability to make a good joke — to say nothing of your massive lack of taste, but then I remembered that I entitled this post “We’re All the Rag(e) These Days”.

    Nevertheless, consider yourself chastised.

  4. Sakaki says:

    I’m thinking the Women’s center is like the institutional version of the gym class in the movie “Carrie”. They’re telling the students (represented as “Carrie”) to “Plug it up.”

  5. orwellduk says:

    brilliant point my concerned friend. The Insurgent needs edgy writers like you-please join their movement-or OSPIGGS!

  6. Concerned Student says:

    fuk you zach

  7. orwellduk says:

    The message on the Civic stadium b-day party(5 p.m. at Civic stadium on Wed. 10-22) invite(which was from my alter ego Vishanoff) was “adaptive reusers”-meaning those who would preserve old buildings for a new use. For a while some in your office were writing about refurbishing the “Pit” as a future Commentator lounge etc.- or planning for “adaptive reuses”. I advocate Historic Preservation not feminine hygiene products. As far as the tampon tampering goes I would say contact your local femi-nazi or Insurgent slacker about that. It was not from orwellduk.

  8. Michelle Haley says:

    Definitely more convenient if you have change. I don’t have periods so I can’t tell how often this happens to a woman, but I know I don’t usually carry change–I also don’t carry tampons, so I’m pretty useless when it comes to emergency rag supplies.

  9. Vincent says:


    Fair enough, though I might point out that in some of the unisex bathrooms in Condon Hall there are tampons and maxi pads available in a vending machine for a quarter or something like that. I’d would guess that the same holds true in women’s bathrooms across campus. I’d assume that in an “emergency” situation, these vending machines might be more convenient than heading across campus to the Women’s Center to pick up some products for free.

  10. Tina says:

    Sorry Vincent, I have no idea. I agree with you though; I don’t need my incidental fee paying for feminine hygiene.

  11. Michelle Haley says:

    My only argument about free tampons is that people, in general, don’t find themselves in urgent need of shaving cream, or shampoo. Without tampons things can get… messy. I’m not saying women shouldn’t have to purchase these products, but it is a very nice courtesy that they be available in emergency situations.

  12. Vincent says:


    That makes sense. Do you happen to know if such products are generally paid for on the student dime, or is this a one-time only promotional kind of thing?

  13. Tina says:

    I don’t think student fees paid for these tampons. I’m pretty sure the tampon company wanted to market their product so they sent hundreds of these little packages to the Women’s Center. WAY too much packaging for 3 tampons, if you ask me.

  14. Vincent says:

    Free condoms seem like a reasonably defensible idea. Free tampons, though, are on the level of free toothpaste, shampoo, shaving cream, and deodorant. Student dollars should not be going to pay for everyday hygiene products. These are the kinds of things adults usually have to go down to the store and fucking pay for themselves.

  15. Michelle Haley says:

    Student fees pay for all sorts of stuff like that through the Health Center too. Free condoms, free hygiene products if you ask, I’m sure the list could go on.

  16. Vincent says:

    Well that was thoughtful of them, wasn’t it?

    But wait: are student fees paying for feminine hygiene products now? If so, that’s completely outrageous.

  17. Michelle Haley says:

    Apparently they put a box of tampons in all of the ASUO Program boxes.

  18. Jobetta says:

    How long has the women’s center had free tampons? I wish I’d known that when I was a student …

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