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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Rational Columnists at the Ol’ Dirty?

Last week there was the beautiful OSPIRG bashing by Matt Petryni, and yesterday I opened the Ol’ Dirty in my attempts to play Sudoku and Wordsearch during class to find this:

It is likely that 2010 and 2012 will be good years for Republicans, especially with the horde of problems facing the Democratic Party. While the Republican Party under Bush has suffered greatly and become ideologically corrupt, it is not as far gone as many currently assume. The next four years will be the true determining factor.

True, it did come from Ohio State University’s student paper, The Lantern. However, it’s not very often that you see decent commentary in the Ol’ Dirty, but somehow its happened twice in two weeks. And here I was waiting for another Ty Schwoeffermann-esque piece to make the KKK look race-friendly. Of course the letter to the editor immediately underneath this op-ed makes me wonder where the readers of the Emerald have been living for the past few years:

Racism is still alive and well in our nation. Sometimes I wonder, am I really living in the 21st century? Because the racism I have witnessed and heard seems like something from the 1800s. Haven’t we come far enough to disregard someone’s skin color, the pigmentation of their skin? Obama’s race should not matter. His policies and performance matter. I hope Obama’s leadership and performance in office will change people’s minds.

  1. Scott says:

    The commentary reminded me of William Beutler’s essay in the new issue of the Commentator. They both talk about how they thought that the Democrats were disappearing and how they never expected their resurgence to ever happen.

    Kind of interesting.

  2. Betz says:

    For a student op-ed, the Lantern piece sounds pretty professional; I did not suspect while reading that that piece had come from a school newspaper.

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