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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Happy Repeal Day, Biatches!

Celebrate the repeal of the 18th Amendment by getting shit faced tonight!

  1. Jackson says:

    Fake Sam, stop this assault on the OC blog. Your spamming is going to get us all kicked off and my doctor said that this blog is the only therapy that seems to help my neurosis. Do you want me resorting to the mad house?? DO YOU? HUH, PUNK?!

  2. Sam-Dotters Katz says:

    The OC told people to knock this off. The posts last night were real. I stand by what I said. The 11:30 am posts from today are fake. Please delete

  3. Bizarro Sam Dotters-Katz says:

    I, however, did write this post from the nega-verse.

  4. Sam Dotters-Katz says:

    Or the other one with my name on it from Dec. 9th

  5. Sam Dotters-Katz says:

    For the record, I (the real Sam D-K) did not write the above post.

  6. Jennifer the EMU Janitor says:

    If you cut EMU budgets, how will I pay for my Greggory’s diapers and formula? Dotterskatz, please don’t cut what should be there for my baby cakes. I wish you the sweetest times with your family this holidays seasons but please dont forget about us students and non students. dont be a scrooge

  7. Jackson says:

    False, Mr. President:

    Though Athan will be moving on to bigger and better things (unlike some past ASUO leaders), he will serve in some presidential capacity.

    I heard PFC’s budget is getting slashed. Is this true? I want my I-Fee reduced!!

  8. the green team says:

    jackson bring ur vid back

  9. Jackson says:

    You really think this ad is going to excite anyone to vote? You need FEAR, scare tactics, the works, not some pussy cowboy song!

  10. A hero amongst students says:

    take that jackson you stone age scum

  11. A hero amongst students says:

    It’s about time;
    ATHAN 09′

  12. A hero amongst students says:

    watch the future unfold…
    A hero amongst students
    I’m a fucking idiot and can’t use html.


  13. Kai Davis says:

    holyshit i am so happy that repeal day is not tonight. fuck finals. fuck it all 🙁 I need a drink.

  14. Andy says:

    Yeah you got me. I was wrong, but hey, I was “celebrating” when I wrote that.

  15. Kai Davis says:


    You mean the 21st amendment. Also, so what? The proposed Amendment was fully ratified on December 5, 1933, making this December 5th the 75th anniversary of repeal day.

  16. Andy says:

    Sorry to burst the collective bubble, but the 18th amendment wasn’t officially ratified in Oregon until August 7th, 1933. I was searching the 18th amendment on Wikipedia, and stumbled upon this disturbing fact. But, by all means, you should still get shit faced.

  17. Kai Davis says:

    Seriously 🙁

    Sure, individual liberties are being stripped away, but as Jeffrey Morganthaller says on

    “Unlike St. Patrick’s Day or Cinco de Mayo, Repeal Day is a day that all Americans have a part in observing, because it’s written in our Constitution. No other holiday celebrates the laws that guarantee our rights, and Repeal Day has everything to do with our personal pleasures.”

    I’ll drink to that.

  18. Truth says:

    Antovich is a buzz-kill…


  19. Vincent says:

    Have at it, champ!

  20. Antovich says:

    Should we really be celebrating? I mean, so yeah, we can drink alcohol. Woohoo! Why does the government say I can

  21. Sailor Ian says:

    good ol’ American Sailor Jerry’s and grapefruit for me!

  22. tedTheTiniestTurtle says:

    i’ll be drinking widmer hefeweizen.

  23. Kai Davis says:

    Happy repeal day! I think I’ll celebrate Repeal Day with a negroni, a drink with an awkward name composed of vermouth, campari and gin.


  24. Vincent says:

    Done and done!

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