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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Submitted Without Comment

  1. ghost of orwellduk says:

    Nike is taking over a park in Tokyo I used to ride my skateboard at. In case you are interested use Google search with keywords:nike shibuya park. You might find it amusing. Some groups are very pissed off about it.

  2. ghost of orwellduk says:

    my dumbest post ever-excuse: was drunk…

  3. ghost of orwellduk says:

    The truth is my wife and I parted ways in 1999 so she could could go to the Peace Corps and I could join the Nike war corps. This is why I have not given up to the Nike agenda at UO. I still want her back and that explains my take no prisoners approach to getting the cult out of UO development in the future. It is less about Moss street and more about what Nike-governance took from me. I found her again this year and we will meet again-ironically-as she comes to Eugene to run the marathon next year. With any luck I can give up this Nike cesspool then once and for all. So that is what kicking Nikes ass off this campus is all about- love. Pretty ironic but life is like that sometimes. Ever since the Commentator did coverage about the sports arms race at UO I knew some of you and I would get along. Thanks for your role in scrutinizing Nike-governance at UO. It is not a simple subject.

  4. ghost of orwellduk says:

    Another Utube video about UO you may find interesting is the tour of the NIke “treatment center” which used to be the wrestling programs space. To find it search the Utube site with keywords: university of oregon linebacker.

  5. ghost of orwellduk says:

    I must say that Bruce and I both share something in common. We both got in the way of Nike goals in some way or another . I do not know the whole story but I think Bruces dad worked for Nike and was not treated well later on by them. That is a subject the character known as Godbike(Doug) actually knows something about.

  6. Timothy says:

    Zach makes me miss Bruce Miller. Bruce was weird, and he was old, and he smelled kind of like despair and desperation, but he was a good man trying to do right by the students. Zach is, well, some sort of anti-technology hippie who doesn’t have the kind of motivation one finds in John Zerzan.

  7. Ossie says:

    Say what you want about orewellduk here, but if he reads the Commentator enough to get the “Jesse Hough interview” reference … [begin Middle East gangster accent] Respect. [end accent]

    For those who are bored and stuck in winter snow storms, here’s some more conspiracy fodder for the brain: unofficial tour of U of O: part one part two part three part four part five part six part seven

    Unfortunately, the only interesting “fact” here is that Gerlinger was built only to bypass prohibition. [apoligies for spreading this, but I’m bored and stuck in a winter snow storm]

  8. ghost of orwellduk says:

    Duckfans, just realized I posted second interview intro multiple times without posting the ending. Duh. Will figure it out and get them in order in a few days.

  9. ghost of orwellduk says:

    Jesse Hough is definitely not part of the equation kiddo! Skip the the sustainabull hogwash. There are actually six parts(10 minutes each) to this moss conspiracy barrage posted on utube. Search utube with username luddite333 to see them all. Never compare the moss street conspiracy to the ospigg/asuo-industrial complex. Meghann, I love you too…….wherever you are.

  10. ASUO Office says:

    This is reminiscent of a Jesse Hough interview, except with less acid

  11. CJ Ciaramella says:

    “To be ‘taken seriously’ is not my mission.”

    Uneasy lies the head that wears the malformed sombrero.

    I actually found that video (relatively) cogent. Eminent domain is a pox upon the land. Using it to grab up land for arenas and university jack-off monuments is simply unacceptable.

  12. Meghann says:

    I miss Zach.

  13. ghost of orwellduk says:

    To be “taken seriously” is not my mission.

  14. ghost of orwellduk says:

    My point was that early on the ONAMI bunch was considering the East campus “land bank” for their facility. Some issues spooked them out of that potential site I guess. I have confirmed the East campus site consideration with the most prominent ONAMI researcher, also, and he would have no reason to misinform me about them eyeing East campus. To see the campus planning committee minutes about it search keywords “east campus onami site history cpc” and the meeting minutes should appear. Also, do not forget Nike is part of ONAMI. I believe the new Moss “high class” dorm proposal the Emerald reported on this summer would have some nano-activity in the basement. I think that dorm idea is toast, though. It was scheduled to open in Fall of 2010- at least that is what the Emerald reported. The original ONAMI site was the controversial Riverfront Research Park so they have been all over the map in their site search.

  15. Michelle Haley says:

    It’s really hard for me to take anyone seriously when they are slouching during an interview.

  16. Betz says:

    Did he make that hat, or buy it as such?

    The ONAMI center that he speaks of did not expand into east campus. Instead, the nanomachines lab was built under the courtyard next to Willamette and Deschutes hall.

    I’m sure there is a rational argument in that video somewhere about the University’s role in property and land management, and how they are purchasing up land as a kind of “rainy day fund”, or “land bank” (as Vishanoff puts it) … but the hat, and the pants, and the hippy bus …. its too much, really.

  17. ghost of orwellduk says:

    Not sure how the bus fire started…I will ask my dad about that and get back to you. It was parked at a gas station at the time so I am guessing it was some kind of engine problems.

  18. Ian says:

    DOT STATUS: Connected.

  19. Ashtray says:

    The whole thing is a giant ashtray. Burn the whole thing down!

  20. Hippy 911 says:

    I’ll give Vishanoff $5 right now toward a new pair of camo pants if he explains how the hippy bus “burned down.” That’s pure comedy.

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