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Fear of an Armed Planet

Since we recently wrote about the case of concealed carry over at Western Oregon University, I found this story to be quite relevant:

Over at Central Connecticut University, a professor recently filed a complaint against a student, saying the student made the class feel “scared and uncomfortable” after he gave a presentation advocating concealed carry on campus. That night, the student was called into the campus police station, where police grilled him about the firearms registered in his name and where he kept them.

How wonderful that students are being harassed by universities and police for merely speaking up for the Second Amendment. I can’t really say anything more concise or to the point than the money quote at the end of the article, though:

“If you can’t talk about the Second Amendment, what happened to the First Amendment?” asked Sara Adler, president of the Riflery and Marksmanship club on campus. “After all, a university campus is a place for the free and open exchange of ideas.”

On a related note, the Eugene Weekly is at it again. After the smashing success of its last gun article, the EW has once again shown it has nothing but ignorance and contempt for the Second Amendment, writing (emphasis in the original):

Wow, Lane County Sheriff Russ Burger must have a lot of extra time and money on his hands. Burger reportedly has sent letters to more than 10,000 concealed gun nuts to stir up support for his opposition to public records laws and create a problem that did not exist. What’s next, mass mailings to concealed hairdresser permit holders? This expenditure of untold tens of thousands of dollars and staff time comes while Burger complains he doesn’t have the money to stop burglaries. If this is a mass mailing for a NRA-backed re-election campaign, the sheriff should have paid for it himself.

The EW is referring to to the current legal kerfuffle over whether or not to make the names of concealed handgun license holders public record. Of course, making the names public defeats the whole purpose  of concealed carry, but I imagine that’s what liberals are aiming for anyways. It’s not a public records issue. Plenty of personal information is off-limits to public record –  school records, for instance.

Oh, and by the way, if CHL-holders are “nuts,” then there are currently 11,000 insane people in Lane County alone.

Hat tip to The Agitator for the first story.

  1. Lisanne says:

    Well I’m just SO glad that we have over 11,000 gun nuts like myself in Lane County! In fact, I’m an NRA Instructor and I have taught a LOT of those people classes in firearm safety. I’m proud to be instrumental in putting these people on the streets with their guns!
    Incidentally, I am the mother of 3 daughters who are all being trained to protect themselves with firearms…and who will also be carrying concealed as they become old enough!

  2. C.T. Behemoth says:

    In other news, Eugene PD managed to NOT kill a guy in W. Eugene who was discharging his rifle repeatedly (before they got there) and threatening to kill his girlfriend (wife?).

    They shot him with a sponge round.


    I remember the day where EPD would jump at the chance to hit high-center-chest.

    I have to say too, that it was HILARIOUS seeing EPD SWAT running around in full battle rattle in W. Eugene because ONE guy was firing a rifle. They looked like they were going on a patrol in Fallujah.

  3. b says:

    such bs. let’s make a list of everyone who has gay sex too, so we can know who to avoid in the bathrooms.

  4. Gsim says:

    While it is unlikely to be murder by the police, I definitely don’t trust them not to murder me. Not exactly officer Friendly anymore.

  5. Jim Macklin says:

    Adult citizens who submit to background checks, waive their privacy rights, take training, are photographed and fingerprinted, pay fees and carry a license carry weapons everywhere without any problems.
    Murderers don’t bother with or seek a permit to go kill. Maybe if the authorities issued a “lunatic license” with head count taxes…what penalty would be applied to a killer who failed to get and pay for their “murder license?”
    Maybe the problem is that the license should be called “I’ll save your life too” instead it is called a concealed weapons license because rational people assume that police are licensed too and are you afraid the police will murder you?

  6. CJ Ciaramella says:

    Vincent, I’m not sure about all the cases, but generally no. Psychotic assholes usually don’t bother going through the classes and tests necessary to get a CHL, which is why anti-gun folks’ fear of concealed carry really mystifies me. The people who take the time obviously have an interest in being responsible and law-abiding. Really, CHL-holders should be the least of your worries.

    Open carry on the other hand … There was this one time that I ended up talking to this batshit crazy old guy with an open holster 9mm on his hip. He said he used to be a sniper in Vietnam. He either had hardcore PTSD, or he was just nuts. Either way, I didn’t question his story. Just smile and nod … try not to break eye contact.

  7. Andy (not Dolberg) says:

    Situations like this reveal just how malleable the values of many “progressives” are. Use the PATRIOT Act as a parallel, where rights advocates justifiably cry foul and appropriate catchy Benjamin Franklin quotes pointing out the importance of liberty. But, given a choice between physical security and rights protection in regard to another fundamental liberty, they take another position entirely. I would happily live in a world where my rights are a higher priority for government than paternalistic coddling to make me “safe.”

  8. Vincent says:

    There was a story on the local news last night about the guy over at Western who got in trouble for carrying a concealed weapon. The story itself was mostly uninformative, but they interviewed some bureaucrat at the University who said something along the lines of “A university campus is supposed to be a safe place where people can freely express their opinions without the threat of violence.”

    Once again, we see cynical, manipulative ideologues invoking the idea of a so-called “safe space” to curtail people’s rights.

  9. Vincent says:

    Incidentally, did any of the aforementioned shooters have concealed carry permits?

    My guess would be “no”, but I’m not familiar with all of those cases.

  10. Keyser Soze says:

    So, what did ;
    Seung-Hui Cho, Kip Kinkel, Charles Carl Roberts, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Patrick Purdy, Jeffrey Weise, Mitchell Johnson, Andrew Golden, and Charles Whitman all have in common? Two very distinct associations here people. Number one, they are all mass murderers, school shooting mass murderers. And number two, they were all freaking nutball psychotic freaks. There is no connection between these mass murderers and CONCEALED HANDGUN LICENSES! Go to
    to view a list of documented school shootings.

    The common denominator is each killer was experiencing some type of crisis. These killers aren

  11. Lyzi says:

    Um, I’m pretty sure there are 11,000 insane people in Lane County anyway.

  12. Anthony says:

    I am a proud “nut.” Nothing angers me more than those who would try to strip away my 2nd amendment, let alone my privacy that goes with it in regards to a CHL.

  13. Shadow says:

    I guess I’m a nut…

  14. Vincent says:

    I noticed that snippet from the Weekly, too. I just chalked it up to pig-ignorance and their usual inconsistent support of civil rights.

    It’s discouraging (and a little amusing) that a paper that so routinely publishes articles that base their arguments upon non-existent “rights” like the “right to an education”, the “right to feel safe,” or the “right to clean air” has such a cavalier attitude toward actual rights that are enumerated in the Constitution.

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