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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Pulled Quotes from the Ol’ Dirty

There were some articles in the ODE today that provided very interesting quotes. I know, we’re the Commentator we should be scooping the ODE and blah, blah, whatever.

Just check out these quotes, some are funny, some aren’t. They’re things to mull over as you go into the weekend.

First from UO, ASUO president closer than most.

“Student voice isn’t with Cimmeron Gillespie and the radicals who want to see the incidental fee doubled every two or three years,” Dotters-Katz said. “It’s a ridiculous and disrespectful notion to say that we didn’t listen to student voice. Because we did what students really wanted. They’re talking about the students who are in the EMU and want bigger budgets. We’re talking about the 22,000 students we represent. We did what they wanted.”

A good hit at Cims Gillespie is always a plus in my book.

“(Dotters-Katz had) no regard or consideration for those that he worked with,” ASUO Sen. Deborah Bloom said. “It was pretty upsetting to see our collective morale weared down by his deprecations. It definitely affected how we acted as a body when we had to answer to someone who showed us no respect.”

Dotters-Katz called Bloom’s appointment the worst of his tenure, saying, “Egos of that size don’t have a place in the ASUO.”

Sam’s just flinging the disses around.

Kallaway called McLain’s relationship with the administration “more effective.”

“She not only consulted with the administration, but she told the students what she was saying to the administration,” Kallaway said. “There are times when (Dotters-Katz) has chosen not to share.”


Next one from the Athiest Appeal.

The group applied to be a recognized ASUO group but was denied. The ASUO explained that the group must exist for six months before it can gain official recognition. “The ASUO hasn’t let us use any kinds of materials,” Gubbins said. “It’s like they don’t even want us to be a group.”

I like how Gubbins apparently didn’t pay attention to the ruling at all. Yay, athiests.

The last few come from Andrew Edwards’ Op ed Of briefs, blurbs, and tweets.

The interesting quotes don’t come from him but rather Sean Smith a former editor/writer for Premiere and current one at Entertainment Weekly.

“Brevity is really efficient, and reading Twitter posts, or Facebook status updates, or headlines on an aggregator site like Drudge or Hollywood Wiretap allows you to skim through huge amounts of data in a very short period of time,” said Entertainment Weekly L.A. Bureau Chief Sean Smith, who has written features for Premiere, Newsweek, and Entertainment Weekly. “But what it threatens to do is to turn journalism into a series of headlines, rather than a series of stories,” which he said can’t convey complexity and nuance beyond the most basic facts.

“We become miniaturists, sculptors of non-fiction haiku,” Smith said. “What’s sad about that is that now more than ever, I think, the public needs journalists to step back from the day-to-day of breaking news to make sense of the world around us – to provide insight and context and depth of reporting and knowledge on a subject.”

“My fear is that fewer and fewer people click past the headline at all,” Smith said. “And that leads to the only thing more dangerous to a democracy than an uninformed public: An uninformed public that thinks it’s informed.”

  1. Ossie says:

    Likes this.

    Olly: Who?

  2. Students for larger campus footprint says:

    Hey everyone!

    We have just been accepted by the ASUO to become a student group. UO students are simply sick of nutty locals, trashy people, bad mouthing the UO and their expansion that help our education (better facilities) and athletics (prestige). There are also a lot of dumb students from places like North Bend who somehow thinks the average student doesn’t want a new, sweet arena. These people all are morons and are trying to take away the quality of your facilities. So join SLC on Facebook today and fight against Zach Vishanoff, the FHS department, Oregon Student Association and all the other groups that want to turn UO into Southern Oregon…I got a better idea Zach, why don’t you move to Ashland and get the hell out of our faces!

    Long live SLC (Students for a Larger Campus today!

  3. Olly says:

    “There were some articles in the ODE today that provided very interesting quotes. I know, we

  4. Sean says:

    I was actually really tempted to do a similar blog post! There are so many good quotes lately in the ODE.

  5. nike urbanism duk says:

    The ASUO needs a subcommittee to focus solely on campus development issues and unwarranted growth of the campus footprint. They should explore the implications of sites chosen for new dorms, the D.P.S. move to O.D.O.T.s property(far from campus), lack of fire sprinklers in the existing dorms, $150 million+ in deferred maintenance on the main campus, the site to be chosen for a new indoor track, the new five story nanotechnology research building scheme(to be sited next to Oregon Hall), a new 60,000 square foot nanotechnology research building in the research park to be built soon, university eminent domain abuse, etc.

  6. Ian "thunderfist" summers says:

    Without Sam who is left to awesome shit-talk the ASUO? oh yeah us…

  7. Stella says:

    My favorite part is when Emma says that the ASUO needs to remain autonomous. The ASUO is NOT autonomous. They are an entity of the Holden Leadership Center, which is an entity of the University. As much as they push our illusions forward, the UO President (Frohn or Dick) has the power to dissolve the whole shebang. It’s doubtful that they would, but they could. It’s my personal opinion that the ASUO exists in large part to transfer liability from the administration, but that’s neither here nor there. Either way, we’ll see how the ASUO ends up next year with that attitude floating around.

  8. nike urbanism duk says:

    Rewriting Emily as this brave student leader who took on Frohn is about the largest crock of shit I have ever read in the Emerald.

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