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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

The Verdict

AK Breniman, OC alumn from way back and author of one of the best pieces of EPD investigative journalism (page 6) I’ve seen, has opened a fine boozing establishment!

The Verdict Bar & Grill is located in the bustling metropolis of Oregon City and just opened recently. I heard a rumor that even the mysterious RR “Pete” Hunt has made an appearance. I’ll be dropping in sometime in July, but show some loyalty and hit the place up if you’re local. Or in Eugene. 100 miles is not too far to drive home, trust me.

  1. CJ Ciaramella says:

    I’m totally going there next time I visit Canby.

  2. Vincent says:

    Our slow takeover of the world continues apace.

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