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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator


Obama refuses to ‘meddle’ in Iran“. I guess letting the world know that the President of the United States stands behind people who’re being beaten and shot by “security forces” for demonstrating against corrupt elections might run the risk of “offending” Iran.

The President is in full-on “grovel” mode, it seems. Martin Peretz has some related thoughts regarding the “Cairo Speech”.

  1. Vincent says:


    Want to take a noninterventionist position? All right, then, take a noninterventionist position. This would mean not referring to Khamenei in fawning tones as the supreme leader and not calling Iran itself by the tyrannical title of

  2. Vincent says:

    Well, that’s essentially the point Julian Sanchez makes, too, in reaction to some HuffPo writer who basically says “if the Iranian leadership is just going to make stuff up no matter what we do, then we might as well speak up”.

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