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Summer Senate Round 1


Today, at 5:17 PM the summer senate held it’s first senate meeting of the summer. The senate was down a member today as Jessica Jones resigned earlier in the morning. Since the meeting was quick (Thank God, and partially Sen. Gower) I will give a quick roundup of the meeting. 

  • The biggest decision of the meeting was the funds request for the upcoming USSA conference. The decision ended up passing 3-2 with Sen. Blanchard (spelling?) abstaining. $2,000 will be allocated  from the ASUO executive spending and surplus fee to cover the cost. 
  • Sen. Nick Schultz left the meeting before the vote leading to a disscussion if 5 out of 7 makes a quorum, it did and the discussion lasted five minutes. DRINK!
  • Some of the senate has been slacking on office hours during the summer, the requirement is 2 hours a week. 
  • ASUO wants to create a “brand name” to get people interested in student politics. Free Sudsy Tank to whoever can come up with the best ASUO brand name slogan. 
  • Mecha did not show up for their request.
  1. Orev says:

    I guess she is lucky that Nick Schultz wasn’t there to vote no at that senate meeting, otherwise she would have broken the tie for something she would be attending. That would never be allowed by such a left-leaning, ethical president, such as Kallaway.

  2. Johnny says:


    You going to USSA? I know Diego is, and he fits in with all the morons well. For all of you honest students, the mission of USSA is:

    The student members of the United States Student Association work together with a vision for a just society in which generations of representative leaders understand their power and engage and empower diverse communities to create social change.

    It is a liberal piece of shit, and is wasting all of our money. It does not represent diversity as there are no self-respecting conservatives there. USSA promotes racism, and the idea that people of color are better than whites.

    EMMA KALLAWAY will bring nothing of substance back to the U of O from this crummy free trip.

  3. Orev says:

    Wait, so Jones resigned, but will still be on in the Fall? We have to put up with her uneducated blubberings for another full year?

  4. Curtis says:

    1. Blanchard didn’t abstain. Votes were Blanchard, Stark-Macmillan, and Jensen for aye, Gower and Tipitino for nay.

    2. Adding on to what Lyzi said, Jessica didn’t want to count against quorum, so she backed out of Summer Senate. Only six senators are required in order to hold Summer Senate, though quorum is now 5/7.

    3. Are you planning to cover the Senate meetings next year, or is this only for the summer?

  5. Lyzi says:

    1. The fact that the executive request passed makes me wish that I was there for the summer so I could vote against that shit. Damnit. Kind of ruined my day.
    2. Jessica resigned due to increased work load, both class work and the kind that pays you.
    3. I’m happy that Nick kept things snappy. Let’s hope that continues into the fall.

  6. Miles Rost says:

    Jessica Jones resigned? Was there any reason given?

    I find it telling that the first thing that happens with a new campus legislature is a resignation.

    It may make for good blog-page news.

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