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Newsweek Smacks of Sense? No…really?

In case you weren’t aware the American media machine has been slowly (or quickly depending on your viewpoint) going insane over the past few years. Mostly I think it’s anxiety over the “death” of print journalism.

Either way this Newsweek blog post about Michelle Obama should put some perspective about how desperate and fucking retarded American media is.

The Examiner declares Obama beautiful, then bemoans the fact that “some members of the media and the public” are upset. Who are those members of the media and the public? We don’t knowthe article then goes on to endorse Obama and rebuke the nameless attackers.

The Huffington Post says Obama “may” take flak for baring her “gorgeous gams” (after all, we were up in arms about her sleeveless dresses),  then polls the readers as to whether shorts are an appropriate look. More than 80 percent of the respondents were OK with shorts, though a third of them took issue with the length.

The L.A. Times blog says “some people are actually outraged” … and links to the Examiner post as proof.

For the most part the first half of the article is about the ridiculous fact that reputable journalists are linking to other media outlets while none of them have proof of any outrage.

It’s something that should probably more heavily exposed considering how stupid this is making this places look.

The second half devolves into a mini discussion on objectifying women and how we objectify Mrs. Obama. Boo-hoo. Don’t bitch about objectifying a celebrity first lady if our current celebrity culture is all about staring at “gorgeous gams” and tight or not so tight stomachs.

Once again, if you hadn’t seen this slow motion train wreck in action here’s further proof of the demise of intelligence in most mainstream American media. Save I suppose this one woman at Newsweek but I’m just waiting for her to slip up. Hell, she probably sits next to that columnist that wrote an entire article on why he hates Crocs.

  1. Vincent says:

    Sadly for you, Google Translate doesn’t always understand when to use a verb and when you use a noun.


  2. Spoiled Zuccini says:

    dear Vincent,

    ?? ??????, ??? ?????? ?????? ??? ??????????? ????? ??????!
    “Thou of a smell, as wet dog to thou liberals piece of trash.” Very clever. -ed.

  3. b says:

    Apparently some folks are really dismayed by this blogpost. Other journalists may be outraged by this attack on their integrity.

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