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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

“Back to the Booze” On Newsstands

It’s official. This year’s “Back to the Booze” is out on newsstands all around campus.

Go out and get one–it’s colorful and packed full of helpful tips on how to survive as a freshman.

Cheers to the two girls I saw reading it and laughing at “OC Asks…”

“Robocop: A condom. Ha!”

  1. Bystander says:

    In what seemed like a perfect Eugene moment, I read the Fall issue in a coffee-shop and kept getting interrupted by a brain-scrambled adherent of astrology who kept telling me thaqt astrology was a science but that there was sexism, racism and classism in the astrology “community.”

    Dane’s second amendment article was good, but it seems like the Democrats are going easy on the gun-control hysteria. It only took them thirty years to realize that they were losing millions of votes in the West with their stands. Taking thirty years to wise up is pretty good for them.

  2. Ian "babyskullcrusher" Summers says:

    so fucking legit. Good work yo ol’ polecats!

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