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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Desert Lamp Challenge

The ole’ polects over at the Arizona Desert Lamp have offered up a friendly wager on the upcoming Oregon vs. Arizona football game. If the Ducks win they will buy three of our book, By the Barrel: 25 Years of the Oregon Commentator at full price, with  a memo stating that “Oregon owns Arizona”. If the Wildcats win we will send them three books for free signed “UA rules Oregon.” It’s not the highest stakes, but we are just poor college kids.

This wager has higher meaning for us personally as the Desert Lamp beat us in the blog contest last year. We know that the Ducks haven’t had the best record in Tucson over the past year but we whole heartedly believe that this year’s Ducks are a vastly superior team.

In a weird turn of events the Arizona football team is promoting a “red out” for the upcoming football game. The red out is a response to the “black out” the Ducks pulled off on Halloween night.  It makes me wonder if the UO has higher standards of PC as the black out cause a controversy that led the Bias Response Team to investigate the motives behind the movement. If there was a movement for a red out at Autzen there would be a thorough investigation into the racial implications of  movement  and NASU would be reissuing tickets back to Europe. I can’t wait until the BRT gets word of the Yell-O movement starting on facebook for the Civil War.

Stay tuned for continuous smack talk this week in regards to the wager.

  1. Considering just how many Native American reservations are in Arizona (21 federally recognized tribes covering more than 25% of the state), including the largest in the United States (Navajo), I’m surprised that the BRT isn’t asking the ASUO for money to fly to the game and consult with UA officials and students about changing the name of this possibly inflammatory event.

    Coming from Oregon, I’m sure that they would recommend that all changes be made using white-out.

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