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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

OC on TV Part 2

Apparently you can embed this file. Oops.

  1. Susan Carbaugh-Peters says:

    What a great segment! I now know a TV celebrity 🙂 WOW! I am so very proud of you, good luck & keep up the writing. Grandpa is proud. You need to autograph the books the next time I see you, it’s a must!

  2. Sarah Barrow says:

    This is very impressive. Keep up the hard work.

  3. I’m so impressed and proud! How do we get a copy?

  4. Dana says:

    Very COOL!! I’m so proud of you!

  5. Old Senator says:

    did you know that the Oregon Commentator magazine burns very well? It burns almost as well as the Eugene Weekly!!!!!!!

    Don’t get sad, I [heart] the Commentator 🙂

  6. Lance says:

    Well done!

  7. Timothy says:

    Blotting paper.

  8. Dane says:

    I was freshly shaven. I’m just a shiny guy.

  9. Joan Delgado says:

    What a well spoken young man! Look forward to more from him in his future writing.

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