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Ball Coddlers and Ball Players


Inside the John E. Jaqua Academic Center

According to today’s Daily Emerald, the new John E. Jaqua Academic Center (at the corner of Agate and Franklin) will now take up 103 extra parking spaces (61 behind Knight Law, 32 on Franklin & Walnut and 10 on 13th St. in front of the building) on the South end of campus.

We all know that the parking passes bought by students are a huge rip off. It is generally held knowledge that the DPS sells more parking passes to students than there are parking spaces available. How many? I could not verify that because when I placed a call to DPS as a member of a student magazine, the receptionist told me, “That’s not just information we give out”. Why that’s not public information, I have no idea.

The decrease of parking spaces available to students will only further put pressure on the University to finally (which they will eventually do) build a real parking garage that students can park in full-time. Also, the decrease in parking spaces may end up factoring into the fight over the funding of LTD.

What it really comes down to is this University’s willingness to forfeit any notion of student equality for the sake of a BCS bid and some new “kicks”. Indeed, the Emerald article pointed out that one of the conditions of Phil Knight donating the money for the Jaqua Center was that the parking spaces also be cleared for athletes use.

If the University keeps this up, they are going to have a formidable student outcry to go alongside the already rather vocal faculty opinion.

Tread lightly, Dick.

  1. This definitely makes perfect sense to anyone..

  2. AKW says:

    The staff at the university call it “jock-in-the-box”

  3. nike urbanism duk says:

    Later (2012)we will find out the cube is actually a space ship designed to hover and float away-saving all the athletes and PK when the end comes. The correct name for the new sport church is the Nike Storytelling Center. PK was quietly attending creative writing classes at Stanford recently. Will he go to class in the cube ? UOmatters has some interesting stuff about the funding. UO Foundation should have been GIVEN the old Hynix plant as a bribe to stop the ongoing eminent domain activity on Franklin, dormsitewars in Fairmount, and the related brandwar in Portland. The Hynix site could have been turned into a living, learning Dubai-like sport Disneyland destination resort. Build new UO dorms there……and then connect it to the main UO campus with a monorail.

  4. Hot Toddy says:

    I always liked “Phil Knight’s Center for Athletes Who Can’t Read Good and Wanna Learn to do Other Stuff Good too”

  5. Gsim says:

    Instead of an expensive parking garage they could plow over some of those cow farms south of eugene in gravel parking lots and then have buses come by every 5 minutes in a loop, like annex parking at ski resorts.

  6. Robert Greene says:

    My sociology professor dubbed it “The Cube”. Think that would be a good nick-name for it?

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