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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

O’Keefe keepin’ his pimp-hand strong. In jail.

It seems that James O’Keefe, the pimp in the ACORN prostitution scandal, has been arrested for trying to tap the phones of a Democratic Senator from Louisiana.

Of course, as I reported in our Holiday Issue, I’ve seen O’Keefe speak in person. Oddly enough, he spoke during an “Ethics in Journalism” portion of the seminar. The consensus between Drew, Guy and I was that O’Keefe had a loose concept of journalistic integrity. That or he chose to ignore it. Either way, he advocated asinine concepts like, “Start insane student groups that your student government wouldn’t want to fund. Then report them to your students when they do fund something like ‘Students for Beastiality’ ” as the Dartmouth Review did in the 80’s. Other gems of wisdom from the disgraced O’Keefe? “Kill your Dean’s dog. That’s a headline!”

Obviously O’Keefe was never respected for his moral compass. Even the nature of his ACORN scandal was still more along the lines of manufacture than of investigation. Now, with O’Keefe facing criminal charges it’s hard to wonder how anyone took him seriously in the first place.

Especially with those ridiculous glasses.

  1. WScott says:

    The U of O had its own chapter of Students For Beastiality about 25 years ago.

    A young fellow named Michael Cross started it. He was the sole member of the Young Americans for Freedom at the UO, but YAF kicked him out because he used the group only to promote his belief that high birthrates bring economic prosperity. He put up displays in the EMU calling for people to have more children, a strange thing to demand from college students.

    Cross went on to lead the Oregon Militia. I think he and his wife and maybe another guy were the only members.

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