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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Happy Valentine’s Day, Daily Emerald

Those lovable scamps down at our campus newspaper, the Daily Emerald, decided to offer up a little Valentine’s Day gift to students by giving out free personal ads to celebrate the holiday. Wanting to fully take advantage of such an offer, the Oregon Commentator decided to run a personal ad of our own, which ran in today’s edition of the Emerald. The image is above, but the text reads:

Let’s meet for a drink

You: Fair skin, temperament to match. Hair and eyebrows like midnight. Powerful. Me: Golden complexion, rotund, a little white on top. Smoking enthusiast. Let’s stop playing games. Be my Valentine.

Anyone want to take a stab at who “You” and “Me” is?

Guess/comment away.

  1. Kenny Ocker says:


  2. Oh, it just has to be Madonna and Obama. Who else is that flamboyant and narcissistic.

  3. Evan P. Thomas says:

    I was thinking the homo-eroticism of Kim Jong-Il and Marlon Brando, but I like that one better.

  4. Spoiler says:


  5. Spoil Sport says:


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