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Red Cross Program Starting on Campus

When Haiti was struck by a catastrophic earthquake killing over 200,000 and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless a number of  students took action. Many students planned fundraisers, some threw Haiti donation parties and many others donated individually.

Three students in particular wanted to take action and did not want to wait. Jon Kam, Corey Smith and David Zahn took to the corner of 13th and Kincaid with a bucket and hope.The three stood on the corner with their bucket in place and begun asking students for a donations to the American Red Cross. Many questioned their intents and thought they were trying to scam students. The Red Cross recognized their efforts as official and sincere, and applauded their work.

Over a two day period the three students were able to gather $1,500 merely asking students for donations. Now Kam is looking to bring the Red Cross to the UO students. Their first meeting took place last Wednesday and he group  has already begun planning future events. Such events include a smoke detector distribution program for impoverished neighborhoods in Eugene and a Civil War fundraiser in May.

If you would like to learn more about participating in events  or  joining the upcoming student group follow their twitter at rceverydayhero.

  1. JMB says:

    But I thought the only way to initiate positive change in the world at large required off-campus professional staff?

  2. NGA says:

    Congrats to those guys and a job well done. My only question…

    Why do they have to ask for donations? Can’t they simply request funding from the ifee?

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