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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Behold! New Issue Online!

Our hard work this term has paid off in yet another brilliant magazine.


  • Game crushing
  • A Temperate Solution
  • ASUO elections wrap up
  • The Price of Fame

Photo Credit: Oregon Daily Emerald

  1. de lancie says:

    OMZ…this is amazeballs…makes me miss my dart board a bit though…

  2. Captain Freedom says:

    Too bad Dartmouth is the retarded cousin of the ivy league schools, and therefore nobody cares…

    Dartmouth’s in town again, WHO! WHO! CARES!
    Echo the old refrain, WHO! WHO! CARES!
    Dartmouth, to you we cling,
    Dartmouth, uselessly ring,
    Dartmouth, who cares for you!
    Who cares for the men in Green, no one no,
    Unsightly like Dartmouth men,
    Do we care for Dartmouth’s Team,
    Dartmouth’s in town again…


    stick to your polo t-shirts, dockers, and coat of smug, you would never survive living in the real world out here in Oregon “dissapointed.”

  3. disappointed says:

    Not as good as the last one. Although the Katie girl thing was good. Stupid girl. Social change? Silver Spoon? Moron. Obviously, there is a reason why she goes to Oregon and not an actual college, like say, Dartmouth… This is a conservative blog/mag??? Not in the Ivy Leagues…

    Dartmouth’s in town again, Team! Team! Team!
    Echo the old refrain, Team! Team! Team!
    Dartmouth, for you we sing,
    Dartmouth, the echoes ring,
    Dartmouth, we cheer for you!
    Down where the men in Green, play on play,
    Are fighting like Dartmouth men,
    We have Dartmouth team, and say,
    Dartmouth’s in town again!

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