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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

The Year 2020: What do you imagine?

So i was going through some really old files from the email account I have had since middle school and I stumbled across an absolute gem. In the year 2000, I made a drawing of what I pictured I’d be doing in the year 2020.

As you can see, my 11 year old past self pictured my 31 year old self living in a zombie infested world with a chainsaw for an arm and a machine gun for a leg, as a tattooed, cigar smoking lunatic warrior. I have ten years to go and I’m already a tattooed, cigar-smoking lunatic, so ten years from now I could easily have a machine gun leg.

So what does everyone else picture the year 2020 to be like?

Feel free to email us your answers at or drop off a photo at our office: EMU Ste 319…

If it’s something I like maybe I’ll get you a T-shirt or something.

  1. Captain Freedom says:

    oops, my bad. I don’t really read them.

  2. Lyzi Diamond says:

    Actually, you should email us at

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