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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Medical Dispensaries On November Ballot

The good folks over at the Oregon Politico have a story about the successful petition for Initiative 28 to allow medical marijuana dispensaries to operate and provide services to those with medical marijuana prescriptions in Oregon. From the post:

Klahr, the co-chief petitioner of Initiative 28, said the regulated medical marijuana supply system would allow patients instant access to their medicine from a qualified and reliable source.

The Coalition for Patients’ Rights 2010 collected 130,000 signatures to ensure that the requirement of 82,769 valid signatures would be met to put the initiative on the ballot.

Dispensaries would be able to grow marijuana or purchase it from licensed producers and other dispensaries as long as they fell within Oregon’s state lines.

Klahr said that the permit process would allow tighter regulations and better monitoring of the quality of the product.

Prior to going back and getting more signatures, the Coalition for Patients’ Rights 2010 ran into some snags in getting the required number, with only 67.86% being valid.

  1. Art says:

    Measure 74 provides safe access for patients who choose to utilize licensed and regulated nonprofit dispensaries. If patients don

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