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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Last night’s Senate meeting . . .

. . . totally didn’t happen, because there was no quorum. Quorum for the Summer Senate is 2/3 of seated members, of which there are 11. As far as I know, nobody has resigned from Summer Senate so far (not with public notice anyway), so that means they would have had to have eight people show up. They had four. Pretty much a fail, in my book.

Although they didn’t have an official meeting, they did give some updates:

  1. According to Summer Senate Chair Kaitlyn Lange, there is no longer a Finance Coordinator in the ASUO Executive. This must mean that Kamal Ararso has left the position, but the ASUO hasn’t posted a hiring notice for the position yet. It’s KIND OF an important job, so they should probably get on that.
  2. The ASUO is working on hiring their Sustainability Coordinator. They are waiting on approval from Human Resources at the moment, but once that approval is received, they will be opening up the position for a regional search.
  3. And for by far the most interesting of updates, the ASUO office was the victim of what Ben Eckstein called “criminal mischief 3.” Some amazing person pinned seven (or so) insects to the ASUO Programs billboard, all science lab dissection style. Apparently there were six flies and a cockroach. Nicole Nelson was purported to have said, “There is a science dedicated to the study of bugs, the programs billboard is not the place for such studies.”

So far, I have not seen any output from Summer Senate. They have committees, they’re supposed to be doing things, but they certainly haven’t shown any of it off. Hell, they can’t even get a quorum of members to come to a monthly meeting. I absolutely cannot believe that they tried to give themselves stipends. Thank goodness that didn’t end up happening.

I think it’s about time to start the ASUO Senator resignation pool. I’m going to go with 6 senators, although that estimate is quite conservative. Anyone else?

  1. G-Dawg says:

    The ASUO is easy to make fun of and it’s conveniently located in the same building as the Commentator office. Plus, there is no short supply of overly altruistic pricks who think they can easily change the world from the confines of their college campus. (we will miss you Diego)

  2. Betz says:

    Yea, lots of stuff on ASUO …. I’m going to have to throw in the obligatory “The OC used to be so much better” comment ….


  3. CJ says:

    Yeah, since when has the Commentator blog focused on the ASUO?

    Ah, it seems like only yesterday when anonymous ASUO goons said I was driving the Commentator into the ground. It’s almost like … almost like nothing ever changes.

  4. Grace says:

    So i’m totally behind on this post but, seriously WFT summer senate?? That whole meeting sounds like a waist of time. If all the meetings were like that I wouldn’t go either. Even if I was getting that puny summer stipend. And 6 out of the 20 Senator’s is a very conservative estimate for resignations. I’d guess 9. Muhahaha. Oh man. I kinda miss it all.

  5. Jesus says:

    “Former Commentator Reader:” Thank you.

    I bet Lyzi Diamond resigns first then takes all of her glorious powers and shifts them to the Oregon Commentator, therfore making it only about senate.

  6. 11 Percent says:

    Curtis- It two years your campaigns have managed to only elect five out of 42 candidates. Time to quit buddy.

  7. Former Commentator Reader says:

    What happened to the commentor blog? Why is it only about senate?

  8. Former Dummy says:

    Curtis go post a status update on your facebook you vapid narcassist.

  9. CJ says:

    Ha ha, since when have Senate stipends been dependent on showing up? I seem to remember a certain Senator who continued to collect his stipend after he quit the UO and started taking classes at Lane.

  10. Bamberger says:

    Because the assholes don’t deserve them, Curtis. Pretty simple.

  11. Curtis says:

    Cool, then put limits on it like normal stipends where you don’t get paid if you don’t show up. That doesn’t explain why no one should have them in the course of regular business.

  12. OG OCfan says:

    Talk about missing the plot, Curtis… Read the post that you just commented on. People who don’t show up to work shouldn’t get paid for said work.

  13. Curtis says:

    Lyzi, out of curiousity, what’s your beef with summer stipends?

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