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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Drunken cars, flaming pants, a good C. Media Digest Oct. 25, 2010

Public affairs:

  • Circumlocution: Jarry Rust and Jay Bozievich didn’t really mention the EmX expansion when they debated. (Emerald)
  • Ratings news: The UO may now be conducting evaluations on administrators. (UO Matters)
  • Learning aids: UO Matters reports that the UO has asked professors to report on the progress of the athletes in their classes.
  • Shovels and spades: Warm. Fuzzy. That’s how UO faculty, staff and students felt if they were taking part in the Service Learning Program’s Make a Difference Day. (Emerald)
  • Begging news: Oregon State has raised more money than it planned to. (Oregonian)
  • Psuedoscience: A visiting “ecologist” foresees a future of drunken cars. At one point, he issues the patently incorrect proclamation “Alcohol is simply water, carbon dioxide and sugar” — I mean, I haven’t taken a chemistry class since high school, but even I know that’s wrong. Charlatan. (Emerald)
  • Honesty news: The Oregonian reports that gubernatorial candidate Chris Dudley’s pants have caught fire following comments about John Kitzhaber’s designs on a sales tax. Oregon House candidate Bruce Starr, meanwhile, has said he voted for a bill he actually voted against. is the subject of a confusing article. (Oregonian)


  • It seems to Emerald columnist Thomas Kyle-Milward that the 21st birthday mostly involves drinking alcohol. (Emerald)
  • Letters: The Guard has suspiciously effusive praise for candidates (sample quote: “As a businessman, I’d like to …”) and questions new water rules and vote-by-mail.
  • Editorials: The Emerald finds DeFazio and Robinson pretty similar, but thinks the former will get more done. The Guard reminds us for whom it wants us voting.
  • UO’s extended-palm blog: Korrin B. attended the UO’s Healthy Campus initiative and reports that the school is looking to hire a health czar. She then attends a talk. Trafton B. is  also impressed with the Healthy Campus initiative. David R.‘s post arrives late, and he writes another one about how boring Ducks games can be.
  • Official UO poster-boy Trafton B. chronicles the harrowing year his photograph spent on the front page of the UO website. “I couldn’t walk around campus without someone looking at me quizzically … apparently there’s a new feature on Facebook that allows people to be added to a group without their permission.” (The UO’s extended-palm blog)


  • Little Emerald jinker Andrew Hitz makes like he’s going to write another vapid Halloween-themed article and then drops his shoulder and issues forth a forceful critique of hipster culture and its fetishization of American Indian tropes. “May it be a constant reminder of how the youth of America continue to sneer and mock our territorial predecessors,” he says. (Emerald)
  • Ethos magazine interviews people ate a film festival, visits a soup cart, and rates a movie. (Ethos)
  • Local hip-hop act hopes to make it big, take Eugene rappers with them! KWVA music honcho Hannah Dischinger opines on what appear to be the mating rituals of Canadian hipsters, or possibly a band visiting Eugene on Nov. 7. And Emerald scribbler Chris Lenci gives Clint Eastwood’s new picture a “C,” but a good “C.” (Emerald)
  • The Oregon Voice is impressed with Kanye West’s new album. (Voice)


  • Oregon Volleyball lost both its games this weekend, to the Hated Bruins and Hated Women of Troy, who “hit a gaudy .392 as a team.” (Emerald)
  • Oregon Soccer seals three points against Hated Cougs. Maes gives Hated Cougs lead early, but Oregon Soccer claws back for first league win of season. (Emerald)
  • Oregon Cross Country (M) is having problems with the number five, but I’m not entirely sure what its significance is. (Emerald)
  • Despite rain, Oregon Tennis (W) got some wins over the weekend. (Emerald)
  1. For fuck’s sake, I’m just aggregating the news. I’ve got no beef with Starr, and if the Oregonian gets something wrong in its article, what chance do I have with this? Sleazy? Jesus, it’s a mistake, man. You might catch more lions with honey than with urine.

  2. Dave says:

    Starr voted for a bill he voted against? That’s pretty sleazy. He actually was the only one to vote against a bill that lowered ethical standards\requirements. He never said he voted FOR that bill, he said he voted to strengthen ethics laws, which meant he voted no on one bill. So you’re wrong on that. And the politifact story is also off, in that they confused the bills. He voted no on the one weakening ethics laws, and voted for the one that strengthened ethics requirements.

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