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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Bullriding in the Matt Knight. Media digest, Nov. 15, 2010.

Note: midway through my writing this, the Emerald website stopped working for me, so not all of the articles from today are in here.

Public affairs:

  • Salutations: Lariviere’s last pre-surgery act on campus was an event venerating veterans, who have a hard time of it once they get out of the service. (Emerald)
  • ASUO: The EMU is booting some student groups from their office to give the new environmental czar a place to sit while its environmental bolsheviks inevitably overthrow it (OC). The ASUO quest to find a piece of graphic detritus that represents it continues (Emerald).
  • Jobs: evidently the UO creates them (Register-Guard).
  • Bleeding: It turns out Hated Beavers fans care more about blood donation than Oregon Football fans. (KVAL)
  • Event scheduling: The UO will rent the Matt Knight out to just about anything. Facilities employee: “We’ll be able to bring in portable ice if we have an ice show. We’ll be able to bring in dirt to bring in things like bullriding.  So there’s a whole variety of things we’ll be able to do in the arena.” (KMTR)


  • Jeff Maehl: do you worry there may be a commando out there with the scent of your blood, hiding behind the bushes on the walkways, under the desks in your classes, in the ceilings in the Jaqua Center. Do you see him in your mind’s eye inching toward you on his stomach, rifle slung across his back, pulling his binoculars to his face and grunting deeply as he watches you stand up and leave your sociology lecture. In this case, your fears, it turns out, are well founded, as Emerald columnist Thomas Kyle-Milward discovers. The University actually does pay military cadets to spy on athletes and make sure they attend class. (Emerald)
  • Letters: The Guard’s mailbag is full of discussion about tax policy, and one man who wants an “armed revolution” to stop banks.
  • Richard Lariviere says guest-lecturing was pretty cool this week. (his official blog)
  • Editorials: The Guard lauds Springfield’s new superintendant and cheers for the new park acquisition.
  • A student from France is skeptical of the riots in her homeland. (Emerald)
  • An activist says of EWEB’s new regulations: “That’s communism!” (Register-Guard)
  • Reasons the UO thinks you should give it money this week: After a week of difficult exams, David R. takes a break to sling mud at Cam Newton, then nearly has a heart attack watching the Oregon Football-Hated Golden Bears game; Trafton B. also twisted his stomach over it, and also tours the Matthew Knight Arena; Antonia D. prides herself on a creative choice as her favorite ice cream flavor and thanks various UO functionaries; Katie D. has a group of old friends over and talks to “the youth” about “Avitar.” (UO’s online beggar bowl)



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