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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

“Me and my crew can only bust with the real shit.” Media digest, Jan. 3, 2011

Welcome back to school. Today, the Emerald tells us about the creation of the universe, and let’s just say the University of Oregon doesn’t get enough credit. This is the only video of the Big Bang I could find and embed, and I can only say that it is not at all the way I imagined.

Five new UO professors, presumably.

This is a bit late because I’m still figuring out how to have an academic schedule that involves a 9 a.m. class and a blogging schedule that involves being up late at night.

Public affairs:

  • Kidnapping: The man accused of attempting to kidnap a young woman outside the library’s going to make his first court appearance today (Emerald)
  • Poaching: The UO has taken a Portland Metro councilor away to lead some program (Willamette Week, Portland Tribune, Oregonian)
  • Interests and intrigue: How involved is Pat Kilkenny in the new apartments being used to house freshmen who can’t fit in the dorms? (UO Matters)
  • Nematodes: Some important research on them at the UO (The Daily Scan)
  • Back-pats: Industry, science and technology! Your UO scientists at work! Smashing atoms together at breathtaking speed so you don’t have to! Mutating fish until they take to the water you tell them to! All in the pursuit of science! How could the future possibly be brighter? Your UO scientists at work! Also, you know what else UO scientists created this year? The universe. Heard of it? Well that’s what the Emerald tells me, anyway, if I choose to be literal-minded. Scott Woodward, eat your heart out: “Last year alone, University scientists contributed and participated in studies and projects that ranged from the creation of the universe to the implementation of revolutionary techniques in the study of DNA” (Emerald).
  • Taking oneself down to Glendale: About 2,000 students are going to do this, but nobody much seems to mind (Emerald); UO Matters questions something or other about the article.
  • Shoulder-arms: The UO’s conflict resolution students will be putting their arms around youth sports shoulders this season (Ombuds Blog).
  • Shoes!: Ones with the UO logo on them have bloggers stoked (CounterKicks, LudaKicks, Nike Sneakers)
  • Carbon footprints: The UO will totally help you lower them (Corvallis Gazette-Times)
  • Job openings: A genetics researcher ( Analyst/programmer (Monster). MORE!!
  • Scene: Running at midnight! Bands! (Emerald)


  • UO Matters looks back at Ted Kulongoski’s higher ed failures, including one in which the Oregonian implies the outgoing Oregon cheese bought a vote off Rep. Larry Galizio for the price of a seat on the Oregon University System board.
  • Letters: Register-Guard readers are angry about the facts on climate change and the ideas on the minimum wage.
  • One parent is fed up with another who writes in frequently about alternative schools (Register-Guard).
  • The Emerald’s Baylea O’Brien is dubious of New Years resolutions, but she’s deleting her Facebook page anyway. The Emerald’s Heather Ah San tries pole-dancing in a controlled setting and lies to her mother, and also she approves of Miley Cyrus’ drug use.
  • Editorials: The Emerald wants professors’ blood if professors turn in grades late. The Statesman Journal wants OUS schools to have full control over their tuition and interest, the latter being, according to UO Matters, an indication that the S-J’s associate editors don’t know what they’re talking about. The Guard is in favor of a new bill that would release more information about tax breaks; and is ambivalent about the fact the world will contain seven billion people for the first time this year.
  • Reasons the UO thinks you should give it money today: Trafton B. was at the mast Oregon Basketball (M) game at Mac Court, possibly fighting a drug addiction; Korrin B. remembers how much fun she had smiling on December of 2008 and thinks about a coffee shop she visited in January of 2010; Brianna G. enjoyed her year (UO’s online begging bowl)


  • Ken Goe of the Oregonian on Oregon Football’s date with Glendale, Ariz.: “After a month of discussing it, what is left to say?” (Oregonian)
  • One writer eulogizes McArthur Court, despite the persistent feeling that it was going to collapse; another talks about how unpleasant being in most of its seats could be (WiredOregon).
  • Oregon Football: running backs coach Gary Campbell totally saw scampering gong-tempter LaMichael James’ decision to stay coming (Register-Guard); clay pigeon Jeff Maehl may be white, but he is also fast (Statesman Journal); funeral crasher Chip Kelly is not unhappy that his ex-hurtling dudes specialist LeGarrette Blount is hurtling dudes as a professional football player (Portland Tribune); fans can watch the game in Glendale, Ariz., in a bar in Glendale, Ariz. (Oregonian); is in Glendale (Portland Tribune, Oregonian, KMTR, KVAL, KEZI); suffers hits, which is scary (Huliq); is better at kicking (Oregonian). Here’s some video.
  • Oregon Basketball (M): isn’t against the new basketball edifice, especially since its burnt-edged floor might force a turnover or two (Register-Guard)
  • A flag-football game between Oregon and Auburn alumni in Washington, D.C., ended in a tie and one of the Auburn players needed to leave in an ambulance (The War Eagle Reader).
  • A former Emerald sports editor waxes nostalgic about Mac Court (John Gottberg’s blog).

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