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Student Insurgent Budget Slashed

Because of the Executive’s funding model for programs, it was commonly conjectured that Student Insurgent would be facing a 10% budget reduction for next academic year. But when the Insurgent came to the Programs Finance Committee Thursday, January 6, questions about the group’s travel and their distribution off campus led to an even further reduction of 20.1% from this year’s levels.

The Insurgent’s past trips to San Francisco’s Anarchist Book Fair were a point of contention for a number of committee members, including Sen. Erin Altman, who asked, “Are there any other trips you can take?”

Questions were also raised about the number of issues that had been printed thus far in the year (which currently stands at one), the distribution of copies of the magazine to prison inmates and others off campus who do not pay the Incidental Fee and the publications lack of fundraising. Sen. Laura Hinman said she was “honestly shocked” that the Insurgent had fundraised less than 100 dollars in the past year.

Insurgent staff explained to the PFC that they had lost a large number of staff members in the last year and were rebuilding their operation. Further, the Insurgent explained that by sending issues to prisoners, they are able to show the plight of an oppressed class in society by printing the letters they receive in reply, according to contributor Cimarron Gillespie. Speaking to the Book Fair scandal, one of the Insurgent’s co-editors said it was “an inappropriate thing to do… we can’t apologize enough.” (Editor’s Note: A more in-depth rehash of the controversy, and its public airing this time last year, can be found here.)

After a further discussion in which all members of the PFC indicated their wish to see the Insurgent engage in further fundraising efforts, Hinman moved to amend the proposed budget to remove half of the estimated amount which the insurgent spends on publication and distribution of issues destined for off-campus circulation, as well as a reduction in the travel budget.

This revised budget was passed unanimously at a final total of $17,645, down from last years budget of $22,222. PFC Chair Noah Wolf-Prusan, joined by other committee members, encouraged the Insurgent to publish another issue and increase their fundraising efforts, saying that the group could possibly be recalled and be granted additional funding based on these efforts.

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