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Concourt gives Rousseau Budget

The ASUO Constitution Court issued its opinion in In Review of Request for Consent by ASUO President Concerning ACFC Budget (32 C.C. 2010/2011) earlier today. In this opinion, the court granted ASUO President Amelie Rousseau the authority to craft her own ACFC budget and submit it to the University Administration.

Eventually you will be able to link to the Court’s opinion here (as soon as they post it.)

Details as to exactly what Rousseau’s budget will look like will be forthcoming.

It’s over.

  1. Bummer says:

    LCC’s Student Newspaper –

  2. @Bummer:

    Where did this run?

  3. Bummer says:

    ASLCC: We don’t support OSPIRG

    By Kelly Powell

    “Because of what some senators and administrative officials considered a lack of information from OSPIRG, student government will not endorse the group’s request for an increase of $2 per student to its share of the activity fee.

    The group currently receives $3 per student every term and will propose an increase to $5 during this year’s ASLCC elections.

    When student government officials asked OSPIRG members to produce documentation on how that money will be used, they were dissatisfied with the information provided.”

  4. Ashley Reed says:

    It did indeed pass in OSPIRG’s favor. Guess when you get that many freshmen voting exactly as you tell them, the numbers tend to add up. Crying shame.

  5. You know, I was tempted to say the same because we all know that as an OC staffer, it’s my job to hate OSPIRG but didn’t that stupid ballot pass in their favor?

  6. monalisasmiles says:

    This is total B.S.
    Why do students even elect senators if they don’t get to have some input in the final budget? I mean, a budget is a big freaking deal. I don’t want my student money going to OSPIRG anymore. There needs to be more ASUO interaction with students, ALL students, not just their little group of friends in the frats and sororities and people in the EMU. ALL students’ voices deserve to be heard.

  7. C.T. Behemoth says:


    Why bother going through any ‘governing’ if the President can just do whatever he/she wants? This has to be more fodder for the ‘ASUO is stupid + millions of dollars’ crowd…right?

  8. CJ says:

    Shut the fuck up, Miles. For the love of God.

  9. Thunderlove says:

    I found a video of Amelie and her VP discussing their new budget.

  10. Miles Rost says:

    Well, OSPIRG gets money.

    Why don’t we just kill the fuckers. All of them.

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