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Inside Oregon: For Personal Items Only

Inside Oregon is spreading the news about their new feature, classifieds. In an email with the subject of “UO ‘Craigslist’ available to campus community!!” Karyn Kaplan wrote,

The University of Oregon’s Inside Oregon e-newsletter, now has a feature for posting classified ads.  This is a giant bulletin board to post items for sale.  Check it out to see what’s on there and also please get out the word to other students and campus community members, it’s a great opportunity to share resources within our community.  This is for PERSONAL items ONLY. […]

The website currently has about 23 ads, dating back to February. There is quite a menagerie of items, including bikes, clothing and even houses. Just like Craigslist, the website is open to everyone-users do not need a .edu address to post. Unlike Craigslist, there isn’t a section for jobs or “personals,” nor is the navigation as straightforward. In essence, it’s a simpler version of Craigslist on a university website.

The website is relatively new and there are many directions it could take. With a little tweaking (design and requiring a .edu address) it could be very successful. To post an item or browse what’s already there click here.


  1. Interessant. Kommt hier noch ein Folgeartikel? Würde
    sehr gern einiges mehr darüber hören. Kannst du mir per E-Mail eine Antwort geben?

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  4. Betz says:

    So its a lesser version of Craigslist, an already widely popular and successful internet tool. It does ALMOST all of the things Craigslist does, without solving any of the problems of Craigslist.

    So really, its like Bing:

  5. Kenny Ocker says:

    The Oregon Commentator: Public relations specialists for the University of Oregon since 2011.

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