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UO to hire new administrator for DPS, a necessity evidently unforeseen in May

The UO has just announced that it will hire a new interim manager in the coming year for the Department of Public Safety. As in a new administrator (thanks to UO Matters for the link).

According to the announcement, “DPS will conduct a search to fill whatever position(s) it determines are necessary and appropriate to meet its needs beyond June 30, 2012.” As in, perhaps hire new administrators.

When I interviewed UO President Richard Lariviere back in May, I asked him about the possibility of additional administrators for DPS. He responded thus (page 30 of this document):

And I’m not sure there’s any additional administrative staff. That’s the first time I’ve heard … Your assertion is the first time I’ve heard that there will be more administrative staff. Where did that come from?

He went on to say it was “The first (he’d) heard” of the possibility there would be a new administrative hire. For me this raises the following questions:

  1. Is planning for this transition so short-sighted that the UO’s central administration actually didn’t know changing the structure of the department would require additional administrators a month ago?
  2. Did they know and just not tell Lariviere, or UO spokesperson Julie Brown, who was also in the room?
  3. Perhaps did they leave the interview with me and think “Additional administrators? Now that would be a heck of an idea!”?
  4. Or were they being dishonest with me?
  1. UO Matters says:

    Doug Tripp just got a 10% raise for his efforts pushing this bill. (Which Kitzhaber signed Th.) He’s now paid $120,000. For comparison, Eugene Police Chief Pete Kearns is paid $123,000 for a much, much tougher job.

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