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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Vote or Die: The EMU Addition

Today starts the beginning of a five-day opportunity to vote on the EMU and Student Rec Center (SRC) renovations. I’m sure many of you have been getting annoying emails all day telling you how you should vote. I’m not going to do that. I don’t care how you vote and neither does the Commentator, but it is important to know what you’re voting on.


The first question is asking if you are okay with paying $35 a term to renovate the SRC There will be a juice bar, which I know is a big selling point to the lovely Sophie Lawhead. So keep that in mind.


The second question is asking if you’re cool with paying $65 a term to renovate the EMU. So that’s 35 plus 65. I write words, I don’t do math so figure it out for yourself.


Number three is about stipends. You can read my stipend post or read something educate yourself on that issue.

The next section took the Senate 10 hours to write so pay close attention.


If the EMU remodel is approved, should any student groups have their square footage space reduced in the new EMU?

Basically do you think the Insurgent deserves less space, probably? But be careful here because you might get beat up by the Women’s Center.


Should the EMU governance board continue to have a majority of non-elected student members?

Should average Joes help design the new building?


If the EMU remodel is approved, should the facility be closed during construction?

Would you like all hell to break loose for two years? Or you can think of it as a massive game of musical chairs. Everyone likes musical chairs.

And that’s really all my jurisdiction. The rest is about sports and stuff so you would have to consult someone who cares a little more, like the people in the drowning glass building… Happy voting!

  1. LFD says:

    I heard a great arg once from the devil himself, Robert D’Andrea. You relocate the people in the EMU during renovations, they could take up to four years, you have a whole generation of students who never have a central location for congregation or student management. “What does that do to student autonomy?” D’Andrea pondered rhetorically. On the real, in the paradigm of the everyday student, it could serve to splinter student cohesion, really destroy some communities.

    I’m excited for this to pass. I’m excited for the ensuing LOLz when everyone’s fighting for space again.

  2. PD says:

    One thing is true: Sophie Lawhead is lovely. Though it’s hard to imagine her at a bar that serves only juice. Amiright?

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