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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

I still love LaMichael!

As the Ol’ Dirty Emerald will tell you, LaMichael James is not listed as a Heisman finalist this year, but as anyone else will tell you, he’s still great. While he may not be a Heisman finalist this year he sure was last year, and for countless reasons he is still fucking awesome. Have you ever won a Heisman, Ol’ Dirty? Didn’t think so, maybe you should spend less time hating and more time working on your football skills. Then we can talk.


James has countless achievements to be proud of, including being the first unanimous All-American in the history of our school, ever. He’s also one of only three players in UO history who have ever been named to the All-American team in two different seasons, the only other running back being Mel Renfro back in the ’60s.


While James was named to be all-purpose player instead of running back, that’s still damn impressive. I’m no expert, but from what it sounds like, he is useful to the all-American team in many ways. LaMichael was also one of three finalists for the Doak Walker Award. I don’t know what that means, and I don’t really care, but I know it’s the award that LaMichael was the first ever UO student to win last year.


I would do more reseach, but I’m busy gathering information and talking to sources about where LaMichael lives and what his favorite color of roses are. So, Ol’ Dirty, go ahead and whine about how LaMichael isn’t getting the Heisman this year, but I only have one thing to say to that and it’s that I still love him. Seriously, LaMichael, if you’re reading this call me ;* (541) 346-3721


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