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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Spreading some Holiday Cheer!

If you weren’t already proud to live in Eugene, you certainly will be. In what can only be described as a triumph in seasonal greediness, two residents attempted to pillage a 91-year old man.


Two years ago, Joseph Dinwiddie stole and crashed a 1991 Thunderbird from then 89-year old George Hinnenkamp while Hinnenkamp was on vacation. I watch the news, I’m bombarded and jaded by media, and I could dismiss that as being a pretty average and not overly ridiculous crime. Steal a car, get drunk and crash it–Saturday night.


The icing on that cake, however, is that Hinnenkamp had previously hired Dinwiddie for various “odd jobs,” which I can only assume to be various adorable things old people need done for them, like painting fences or making tuna sandwiches and watching the Price is Right.


In my mind they had quite the relationship, and Hinnenkamp eventually filled the place of the father that left Dinwiddie when he was young, which is why this second addition to the story infuriates me, but the real kicker has yet to be revealed, stay tuned audience…


Two years after this debacle (think present day) the two people (Nicole Annette Cunningham and Delano Oscar) who were in the car with Dinwiddie when he drunkenly crashed it have decided to sue Hinnenkamp for almost $200,000. They are making the claim that he allowed Dinwiddie to use his car, and therefore their injuries are his fiscal responsibility.


Here’s a newsflash they must have gotten: Dinwiddie has already been prosecuted for stealing the car! He’s in jail right this very moment working off his sentence!


So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the two greediest people to ever have existed. I understand that times are tough, prostitution and drug peddling probably don’t bring in enough income to support both of Cunningham and Oscar, but there are other moneymaking options kids! I for one am shaking my head in shame to know that we share a state with these people. I say we start a letter writing campaign to have them burned at the stake.


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