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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Some Gun Lovin’ Legislature

State politics, everybody. Who’s ready for some?

Well a week ago in Salem, the Oregon House of Representatives tabled Senate Bill 1550– a bill that would have prohibited carrying firearms on school and college campuses

Yes, prohibited even if you had a concealed handgun permit. And no, this wouldn’t have any affect on whether or not DPS will be able to carry guns.

The body cited that “all gun-related legislation is over for the current, abbreviated session.”

Democratic Senator Ginny Burdick, who proposed the bill, said that she wudn’t even surprised her bill didn’t move forward. She explained that “the short legislative session should be devoted primarily to budget adjustments and major policy issues that have more urgency to them.”

Guns on campus?



Take your time.

"Everybody be cool, this is just a robbery!"


The best part is that on Wednesday, the Oregon state House demonstrated what they do find urgent enough to pass: a bill prohibiting the release of information listed on concealed handgun license applications.

This is the third time since 2009 that the Oregon state house has passed a bill that protects this information– ensuring that the applications “remain confidential and [the information] is not released to the public.”

“The bill would protect very personal information about people who are trying to exercise their Second Amendment rights,” said Republican Rep. Kim Thatcher, who proposed the bill.


Dammit, Oregon State Legislature. I really wanted access to the personal information of these gentlemen.


  1. workout says:

    I read this article fully about the comparison of most recent and previous technologies, it’s remarkable article.

  2. JG says:

    I was responding to the author of the article.

  3. Angry Dad says:

    Actually, it’s on the contrary. Floyd Prozanski wanted to put the law into the public records books, which would have made it possible for news organizations and those with an anti-2nd Amendment stance to gain access.

    And I hate Floyd Prozanski for attempting to try that. Thankfully, it didn’t happen that way, and Rep. Thatcher’s bill got through unscathed.

    I hate Eugene because of all the liberals, and do wish them all to be obliterated in a nuclear strike.

    Next time, JG, please don’t immediately go into this namecalling blather, because you don’t know me or anything I do.

  4. JG says:

    Wow you wanted the personal info of law abiding citizens who happen to have a different view point than you. I can see the sense of individual liberty has been brainwashed right out if you. How would Liberals feel if the info of any woman who had an abortion was public record? Also it’s not just gentlemen, women have ccw permits as well.

  5. Angry Dad says:

    The bill is looking like it’s gonna be held up in the Oregon Senate, by none other than Eugene’s erstwhile Senator Floyd Prozac-ski…oh, sorry, Prozanski.

    I swear that douchebaggery is an epidemic in Eugene. Nothing a good nuclear bomb drop wouldn’t fix.

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