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Newly-Confirmed Justice Cedar Cosner Faces Possible Removal in the Fall

Last week, ASUO Senator Lindy Mabuya called for the removal of former Elections Coordinator and newly-confirmed Con Court Justice Cedar Cosner.

Cosner is accused of throwin’ a rager in February and charging a $3 entrance fee that went towards the Ben & Lamar Campaign.


I thought fratboyz were the only people douchie enough to charge toll at a party? And what kind of sorry person was willing to pay this fee? Better yet, what kind of sorry person was trying to get into this ASUO Elections Coordinator party? Well this has been a year of firsts for the ASUO, and being deadweek and all they ain’t decent enough to give it a goddamn rest.

Despite all of the sleep I’m losing over these kinds of questions, I’m sure the allegations are true and that Cosner raked in a considerable $12 or so. After all, Cosner’s behavior stirred the concern of Franklin Bains earlier this year when he lead a protest against the UO Athletic Department while he was acting as the Elections Coordinator. And whatever Bains says, I listen.

But lucky for ODE readers, lucky for 1-2 people here at the Commentator, and unfortunately for a few bloodthirsty ASUOer’s,  this Mabuya v. Cosner case won’t be heard ’til the fall, but it will be publicly heard! Just like the Beckstein v. Sam D-K hearing earlier this year– which, let it be known, was essentially my recurring wet nightmare taking place on the second floor of the Law School.

Well thanks Mabuya. Now I know how I’ll be spending my summer. In an anxious ball on the floor rocking quietly until Cosner’s fate is decided of course.

An anxious rocking ball too? Read the ODE article.


  1. The Old Man says:

    The shitshow never ends.

  2. Dan says:

    I know you’re the commentator, but could you please have the slightest amount of journalistic integrity and not assume these allegations are true because of a completely unrelated athletics campaign thing?

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