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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Meth Pipes For Sale


This is Wes. He lives in the Whiteaker neighborhood. In past few months, he’s been taking action to stop the sale of what he calls meth pipes around his home.

“I’ve actually been pleading store owners to stop selling them for about two years,” Wes said. “I first drew this sign for another store, which finally stopped selling them after I stood out front long enough.”

Wes explained that the pipes are sold as roses, but the real thing for sale is the glass tube that contains the rose. He thinks it’s obvious that the cheap roses sold inside are of no value.

I went ahead and bought one— for research, of course.

I grabbed three dollars on my way out the door. At the store, I located the “Love Roses”, as they are called, in a plexi-glass case on the clerk’s counter. I had to use my card. It cost me $3.50.


“I tried reasoning with this owner, telling him how harmful these things are for the community, but he’s not listening,” Wes explained. He says its someone’s own business what they do with them.”

Wes has tried to get the attention of media outlets. At the time of the interview he was expecting televised reporting of his activism the next day. He has also been contacting radio stations to voice his concerns.

“I want people to notice, you know,” Wes said. “Unfortunately, this sign I made for the other store and now, because of the arrow, I can’t face the ideal direction for this store. I need to make a new sign.”

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