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Con Court Leak Compromises ASUO Government

An email was just sent to our editorial staff anonymously. The author of the email alleges that there have been a number of instances where information regarding Constitution Court decisions had spread around the ASUO office prior to any sort of opinion being released. When the Court chose to remove Laura Hinman from office, she was apparently aware before it was official. Again before her reinstatement, she alluded to her former staff that the ruling would be overturned. Most recently, the decision by the Court to overturn the spring ASUO election was known to members of the United Oregon campaign over a day prior to the knowledge being made public. The anonymous author concluded, signing as A Very Concerned ASUO Representative:

I urge you to confront Chief Justice Nick Schultz over these allegations, as if the court is compromised, it threatens the stability of the ASUO government for as long as the leak remains.

Honestly, for something with so little stability already, it’s hard to want to care. However, confronting Schultz can’t hurt. Got anything to say, hombre?

  1. Disappointed says:

    Nick Shultz has had a history of corruption in the ASUO. Why he’s still allowed to continue these childish tactics is beyond me. I understand he’s just trying to warn his friends, but there needs to be a level where professionalism is still valued.

  2. ASUO Insider says:

    The fact that Caleb Huegel is leaking information to members of the ASUO Excecutive team and Senate is egregious and unacceptable!

  3. ASUO Exec Staff says:

    I hear it’s Caleb Huegel…

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