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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

If You Don’t Vote then Don’t Whine!

I hear way too often people claim they do not vote because their vote does not matter. I understand the sentiment, as a conservative in Lane county I feel the same sometimes. The problem with this mentality though is that it results in an almost guaranteed victory for the other side. You might not win if you show up, but you are guaranteed to lose if you don’t.

The deadline to cast your vote in Oregon is 21:00 Tuesday November 4th. You can find your drop site on the Secretary of State’s site

There are a lot of close races and measures this time around so it is possible for your vote to count. If the stoners can put the munchies down long enough to cast their vote marijuana could become legal for those 21 and over. Third parties will become a thing of the past if Measure 90 passes. Illegal Immigrants will be allowed to get driver licenses and our Oregon driver licenses will become useless again if 88 passes. (We have to submit birth certificate, social, urine and blood sample to get out license now because it was too easy for illegals to gain a license). Oh and of course there is a measure to pass a constitutional amendment to further protect against gender discrimination (because federal amendments, employment law, and Supreme Court decisions are not enough).

The more important thing though is whether or not you are involved. If you are so disenchanted you have given up hope and refuse to vote then shut up and go to your corner while those that are involved get things done.

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Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time.