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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

On Iraq …

Henry Kissinger said the war against Iraq is “integral” to the war on terrorism: “The war against Iraq is an integral part of the war on terrorism. How else can we convince the Saudi Arabias of the world that it is too dangerous to collude in challenging the United States?”

60% Favor the biggest death penalty: In a Washington Post poll (with a few rather dubious and uninformative questions) Bush’s job approval, race relations and all the normal bullshit are discussed, along with 60% saying they would favor nuclear bomb use in Iraq if American troops were attacked by bio or chemical weapons.

On a sad note …

Domino’s, in its attempt to stay competitive with the cheesey goodness of Pizza Hut, has started serving pubic hair pizza. You have to wonder if that counts as one of the toppings on the Extra Large, Five-topping special.

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