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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Well, I Didn’t Do Anything!

But, there are still a few items of good news: Ottawa beat New Jersey. Which makes me happy, because given the choice, I’d like to see an Anaheim/Ottawa play for the cup. Rooting for Jersey is like rooting for the Yankees, IE “Yankees seek elusive 27th pennant,” and I just can’t bring myself to root for a sports team from California. That leaves Ottawa. Even if it is near Quebec. *Corrected* Near, in, they’re all prepositions to me.

Item Two: Spurs beat Mavs. My folks live in San Antonio, so I’ve some compulsion to root for the Spurs…and I can still remember the Mavs being the worst team in the NBA.

Lastly, as not to be entirely sports related and cause the universe to implode, A Very Large Man is America’s new idol. Woo, or something.

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