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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

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Look, I’m really not that interested in anything Bill Clinton related. But that said, I truly enjoyed Andrew Sullivan’s Sidney Blumenthal bitch slap. It was all the funnier after watching Sidney on Charlie Rose last night, and seeing his face as Rose read him portions of the review. How do these people advance in the world? He’s clearly not a journalist… so how did he join the ranks of the New Republic, the New Yorker and the Washington Post? He doesn’t appear to be much an original thinker… yet he was a senior advisor? It just seems strange… how can you advance without qualifications? Sure, the world needs “yes” men just as we need fry cooks, but we don’t take Phil Peterman from Denny’s and put him to work crafting foreign policy. Or do we?

Granted, I’m mostly echoing Sullivan’s sentiments, and as I said, I’m just not that interested in the finer details of Whitewater. But, it is a concern to me if people from the ranks of “College Democrats” are advancing in the world.

Who’s letting this happen? I want to know.

Plus: It’s Snapper Season over at the Exile.

And has anyone ever seen the movie “Gummo.” Liked it, didn’t like… throw me some feedback.

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Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time.