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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Regarding Steve Baggs’ abhorrent cartoon in the ODE, and the assertion that Spain somehow provoked these attacks by aligning itself with the Coalition of the Willing:

By this logic, terrorism would also have a cure—the withdrawal of those Spanish soldiers from a country where al-Qaida emphatically does not desire them to be….

….Many Spaniards were among those killed recently in Morocco, where a jihadist bomb attack on an ancient Moorish synagogue took place in broad daylight. The attack was on Morocco itself, which was neutral in the recent Iraq war. It seems a bit late to demand that the Moroccan government change sides and support Saddam Hussein in that conflict, and I suspect that the Spanish Communist and socialist leadership would feel a little sheepish in making this suggestion. Nor is it obvious to me that the local Moroccan jihadists would stop bombing if this concession were made. Still, such a concession would be consistent with the above syllogism, as presumably would be a demand that Morocco cease to tempt fate by allowing synagogues on its soil in the first place.

Italics courtesy of Hitch, of course. Sullivan has been pretty dead on in his assessment as well, but I won’t bother linking to something you already bookmark.

And on a lighter note, will the Bill O’Reilly-Frank Rich grudge match end in bloodshed? Or at least a kick ass “Two’s a Crowd” reality television show?

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