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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Give Them A Pulitzer

The ODE gives us another entrant in the on-going “Blindingly Obvious Headlines” department. Today’s contestant: Student leaders break promises.

In other news:

  • Ocean Found To Be Salty
  • Sand Can Be Melted To Make Glass
  • The Sun Is Hot
  • To Call Daily Emerald
  • Headline Writers ‘Mongoloid’ Insulsts Mongoloids.

    1. Tyler says:

      If Ailie Slater posed for Playboy I think my penis would go into a state of constant hibernation.

    2. Jean-Claude Ontario says:

      Jael is in one of my classes and as she was millin about I held up the back page as I read.. 😉

    3. Danimal says:

      I actually think the sun is kind of homely.

    4. Timothy says:

      Wow, I totally misread that name. My bad, as they say.

    5. Big M says:

      I think she was talking about Allie Senger, who did the writeup on Playboy being on Oregon’s campus.

    6. Timothy says:

      Mel: You mean Ailee Slator? She used to have an ODE column, you know. It was, well, severely substandard.

    7. Clint says:

      Hey, I’m from California damnit.

    8. Timothy says:

      Girl At Publishing House In DC Needs Hobbies 🙂

    9. Melissa says:

      I thought the guest commentary in same issue was great. I’d like to talk to that girl about joining the staff.

    10. Marla says:

      Man At Bank in Texas Has Too Much Time on His Hands : )

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